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Monday, October 29, 2007

**************Head is spinning***************
I finally have time to update! I am so sorry I have been going through a lot lately. I lost a really close friend because he was being a jerk and his gf was harrassing me through txt messages.

I have two jobs now. One at the college I am attending and I am server at Carino's. I had 15 hours of college before I had to drop classes because I was failing and didn't have time to study. What a waste of money I tell you. I am in the process of moving into a an apartment or house after I just moved out of my mother's house into my grandmother's. I have been sick so I finally went to the doctor and he prescribed 4 kinds of meds. I had to go back today because I had some kind of rash type deal on my hands. Come to find I was washing my hands too much and getting rid of my oils that keep my hands moisterized.

Thats all I can think of now. I MISS ANIME SATURDAYS! I have yet to have a Saturday that is free that I can just take to relax and watch anime. I miss my youth. :( I am thinking about trying to take a whole week-end off pretty soon. We'll see.

Have a wonderful day!


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