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Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's been a long time
It has been a long time ago since i post my last post. I was absent from this site cuz i was trying to make a wallpaper, i mean the better wallpaper than i've made before. Though i don't keep this site running, i keep update the other site. You should see it :)
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the taste of strawberry juice
it tasted good. very good. it may be a bit tasted acid (i dunno how the civilians say, it's chemistry language). but i love it at all. i may added too little amount of milk, but it tasted great.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fresh Strawberry + Milk + Blender -- That's what my teacher explained

Have I told you about my teacher? my teacher who loves me so much because I'm looks like her son's replica ^ ^ that's not good at all. now there's an incident this afternoon. It's nearly 12.00 A.M. and I was going out of school building and was going to take my schoolbus to go home.
Accidentally, i met my teacher and I thought i have to say hello to her. so i began first by saying, 'Hello, miss' (she's my english teacher) and she replied, 'where'll you go?' and she draw my hand to her and brought me with to the strawberry dealer near the school.
she began to bargain with the dealer so i was standing there standing alone without something interesting and furthermore my friends were laughing at me because i'm with her. after she got the good price in her, she told me the steps to make a strawberry juice.
'This pack can be used for a glass of strawberry juice, and you have to add milk into the juice so it will be colored pink and tasted soooo sweet~. Or you can mix it with chocolate milk, or --even more-- tomato juice. it'll give very amazing taste to your tongue. Try it. It's tasty, but also gives us more amount of vitamin C than just consume orange.' I just can say 'yeah' or 'oh' or 'really?' or 'yes' when I heard her speech of strawberry juicee~After that conversation, she paid the price and gave me a pack of strawberry and she told me to try those recipe at home. How comee???
For God's sake, please, where's my sin placed?? (But when I thought of it for some time, i think it's nice to try. i'll try it later and tell you how it tasted like!)

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

This 10 minutes

this day I get a time for posting another. this day (where I live) is Saturday and now is currently 14.22 PM. I've taken bath this day. This day i didnt go to school. I stayed home cuz there's no lesson at school today. And I have nothing to do. So take a walk a bit, thinking minding and finding so I decided to do this one. Double stretch my legs~

I found out something, the fact that I'm beginning to search everything about the jrock band porno graffitti...or those who hip-hop all the time as they say m-flo...Why do I got hooked on them? Well, nothing else.

Pics i get

How it looks?

And today's anime wallpaper i like ^ ^

And now...after that...is 14.33 PM.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mr. Erotica vs Mr. Aesthetic?
Fella. We meet once more. May I explain what's the meaning of this title? Oh, no. I don't have to do that. Well, what do you prefer to? If you ask me, I prefer the first to the second (whoops, it's inconvenience confession)
Then, I'm typing this when the clock tells me it's 09.00 AM already. I've got up exactly an hour ago and now (it's not good) I confess, I've not taken bath yet.

And I've visited anyother's sites yet...I didnt plan this thing yesterday...because I'm too confused and too sleepy and go sleep without change my clothes...I know my mum will got angry if I do this everday^ ^
Aah, then do you know what's the meaning of erotica? Then tell me by your own opinion. I'm waiting^ ^

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