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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wanna contact me?

Leave me a voicemail: (1)678-881-0765
DA account: Animegeekfreak4.
GaiaOnline: cheetahtmss
AIM: Cheetahtmss


My Buddies! ^.^

Welcome To My Site!

Thank you for coming to my MyOtaku Homepage. If you haven't already, please drop by My Guestbook, but please refer to my rules before you do so. I would love to get to know you, and make a few new friends. If you'd like to get to know me, drop me a message.

I Love:
My dear Phenix
Raw Eel
Most Music
Religious study
Foreign Countries
Other languages
Computers and designing
Being random
Feeling loved
Incense and Candles

I Hate
Preps/Jocks/Emo Poseurs
Loud noises
Bright lights
Killing animals as a sport, then not eating the meat
Rap/Hip Hop/Pop(Exceptions)
People putting others down

Rule Book

  • write me more than one or two sentences, please!
  • #337 is fine. Chatspeak is not.
  • Don't tell me that Itachi suck or that he is yours, or that I'm odd or some crap like that. Don't put chainmail either, or Waldo will eat you.

    What's new?

    Thank you, Phenix...
    Phenix is my BESTEST friend, you guys. She made me this layout, and I love it. She made it to cheer me up. ^_^ In a way, we helped each other make it perfect. I found the code, she made it, I modified. Thank her for such an AWESOME layout.

    Anyway, time to get on with my yapping.

    I'm finally going to highschool(YEAH! No dress code! <(^^<)<~~~>(>^^)>) but instead of settling for the 'normal' Highschool girl, I'm gonna be SUPER highschool girl! MUWAH! So, I'm studying all summer so I can skip the ninth grade and go straight to tenth grade so I can be more comfortable… It's great to be in gifted… SO many more chances to do more awesome stuff. Anyway, Georgaphy is really easy, so I got that down. English doesn't do anything I don't already know. Ecology—Pfft, I can just read about that. World Geography is going to be the toughest. I have to learn the cultures of a TON of European, Asian, and African countries. @_@ Luckily, Phenix is helping me, and in return, I'm helping her get a 32 on her ACTs. I got a 21 on mine when I took them in the seventh grade. =D So, if anyone can offer me any help with this stuff, I beg you to!

    I Must. Have. Guitar. Hero. II.

    I played it on the last day of school in my Science teacher's room while everyone was off to Grad Practice, and it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. It was like, "WHOAAAA!"

    Kozi Kitten has been missing me. He's been annoying everyone since I've been gone, trying to find me. My baby is such a sweetheart. Then he was following the exterminator and trying to attack the spray. So silly… Then he and Hami were fighting over a rubber glove, and he won and carried it around in his mouth all day. Gosh he's silly. But I loves him.
    Kozi is the orange kitty, and Hami is the black one.

    Thanks for visiting!

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