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Friday, November 11, 2005

I forget to say it last time, but on the exorcist movie I got, it was the new one,,any-who,,how is every one today,,good,,bad,,maybe so,,who knows,,any-who,,I will now show you the next part of the story thing

the good,,the bad,,,and the groovy

after a long day Inuyasha finally came to his friends,,but by the time he found them they already had replaced him with a new Inuyasha

Inuyasha:,,what the,,,who the hell is that guy

Kagome: ohĒ Inuyasha,,itís you,,,umm,,well,,you see,,after some one said you were dead,
(* looks at shippo *),,well, we needed some one to take your spot on the team, so I went back to my time and got some one

Inuyasha:, ok,,,well then tell me his name so I know what name to put on his tombstone

Ed: my name is Edward Elric,,but most people just call me Ed

Inuyasha; Ed huh,,,,well I think I will just call you short


Inuyasha: you look short to me

after the 2 stoped fighting about Ed being short, , Inuyasha had to go find a new home, and on his way he came acrrose some with the same name as him,,but it was not him!

Metal-Inu: hey,,arenít you Inuyasha

Inuyasha: ,,what of it?

Metal-Inu: nothing really,,,itís just that I got my last name from you,,my name is
ďMetal-T-Inuyasha Ē

Inuyasha: well isnít that good for you,,but I donít have the time to talk to you right now, I need to find me a home so I donít die in the stupid cold

after a talk with the Metal-Inu, Inuyasha walked on , and found him self at the ocean, a spot that he had always wanted to go, but never got to because his friends didnít want to and he didnít want to make them mad by taking them to the ocean

Inuyasha: so,,this is the ocean,,,,,,,,,itís big,,,and,,,has water,,,,how fun

once Inuyasha knew what the ocean was, he didnít find it very,,whats the word,,,,fun,,,you see, the way he was thinking of the ocean in his mind, it was a big land of candy and pictures of him, but as he found out, it was water, not candy, so now Inuyash must find a way to not die in the cold, and not die with out his friends, and this will be much harder then any-one would ever know, you see Inuyashas friends saved his life, more then he saved the lifes of them, and with out them, he was almost sure to die


stranger: hey ,,,whats got you so blue

Inuyasha:,,what,,who said that,,,who are you

Randy newman:, well most people just call me Randy newman, but you can just call me Randy if you like

with Randy newman on his side, it looks like Inuyasha might not die after all,,,,,,or,,,will he,,,!!!!

~ to be continued

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND,,,,I mean,,how is every one,,good,,good,,(*hands out hat*) that will be $5.99 for the hats,,and + S&H it will come out to $17.95,,AND YOU BETTER GIVE ME IT ALL,,,,I donít want to hunt you down o_O ,,and if youíre a cop looking at my post,,then just forget every thing I said^_^, ok,,moving on,,today was good, not to boring, and I got a movie , it is ďthe exorcistĒ,,BUWAHAHA,,ok,,what more to say,,hmmmmm,,well,,I think I will send in a pic tomorrow,,annnd, thats all I can think of to say at this time of the time that is now,,so I will be going,,

see ya

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

after getting out of the small yet big ball Inuyasha went looking for his friends, but before coming to his friends he found his older brother Sesshomaru , and as always the 2 started a fight that was sure to end with no winner

Inuyasha: I am only going to tell you one time sesshomaru,, dad liked me better

Sesshomaru: then if I kill you he will end up liking me better,, isnít that right

Inuyasha: and what the hell makes you think you can kill me

Sesshoumaru: come on,,Iím your older brother,,,and every one knows that younger brothers cant win in a fight with an older brother,,, and I donít mean brother like from the hood,,but I mean blood brothers

as Inuyasha was thinking about the thing Sesshomaure had just said Shippo came out of a tree yelling Inuyashas name

Shippoe: INUYASHA,,,INUYASHA,,your not dead,,,but,,I have some bad news for you,,

Inuyasha:,,WHAT,,did some-thing happen to Kagome,,is she ok?

Shippoe:,no,no,,she is ok,,itís just that,,well,,when I told her you were dead she was kind of sad, and needed some one to be with her, so miroku steped in and well,,,long story short,,,they have a baby now

Inuyasha:,,the,,,they have a what o_O

Sesshomaru:,,AHAHA,,this is to good,,,Inuyasha steps out of this world for only 1 day , and when he gets back the one he loves has a baby that isnít his,,AHAHAHA


Shippo: ,,pwhah,,,pwhAHAHAHAHAAHAH,,,I cant believe that worked on you

Inuyasha;,,,umm,,did I miss some-thing

Shippo:,,AHAHA,,if only you could see your face right now,,AHHHAHAAH,,,you really think kagome has a baby,,AAHHAA

after messing with Inuyashaís head, shippo got hit on his head,,then after Sesshomaru had gone, the 2 went to look for the others, but on the way some-thing happened that no one would see coming,,not even sango

~ to be continued

see ya

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

hey every one,,well,,first off,,I will answer the thing that people asked about the story I had,,that was number 2 in the story, to see the first part of it you can go back and find it if you want,,it was called ďInu Vs SurukiĒ ,,or some-thing like that,,any-who,,I donít have part 3 of it yet,,but I might tomorrow,,who knows,,,and before this one forgets to ask,,,,,,how was your day?,,as for me,,it was ok,,all I did was a pic that isnít up yet, and I watched a movie,,other then that, I played a game and thats about it,,ok,,what more to say,,hmmmmm,,,ok,,I cant think of any-thing,, so this one will now be going,,,,

see ya

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Monday, November 7, 2005

life to the dead
after putting his sword into Suruki and killing him, Inuyasha tryed to move but then looked down only to see the bottom part of his body had been cut off,,as he started to die he looked up, and to his surprise a vortex was opening over him and Suruki

Inuyasha: what the hell is that thing,,it feels like it is taking the life right out of my body

Suruki: (*talks in a dying voice*), huh,,,you donít get it do you,,it isnít taking your life,,,,itís taking your soul to the gate keeper


Suruki: he is the one the will send you to Heaven or Hell,,,so I hope you have made peace with your creator

after the small conversation the two had , the vortex sucked out the souls of the 2 and in the vortex their bodys became the way they were before dying,,but even so this wouldnít help the two. For once the gate keeper has your soul, you donít go until he lets you go,,be it a few seconds or 1000 years

Inuyasha:,,HEY,YOU,,you know about this kind of thing right,,THEN THINK OF A WAY TO GET US OUT OF IT

Suruki:,,and what makes you think I will help a demon like you


Suruki :,AHAHA,,well,,if you put it that way then maybe I will just cut off your head

before one more word was said the 2 came to the end of the vortex and fell 20 feet onto a burning hot ground


gate keeper: we are right next door to Hell,,you see,,not to many souls make it to Heaven, so it is much faster to have the gate of judgment right next to Hell,,,ohĒ,,and by the way,,you two go to hell

Suruki: I see,,,well,,itís best to do as you say then

Inuyasha:,,LIKE HELL I WILL,,,

as Inuyasha said that he ran right at the gate keeper and got ready to attack but before he got to him, the gate keeper pulled out a staff with a head on in and hit Inuyasha right in the face sending him 5 feet back

gate keeper: next time you try the I will be forced to hit you in,,in,,well,,lets just say itís a spot that the sun donít shine

after saying that the gate keeper showed the 2 to a door and told them to open it after he has gone

Inuyasha: Iím not opening that thing ,,you do it

Suruki:, ohĒ I see,,you donít want to open it because youíre a little girly demon

Inuyasha:,,WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME,,,,I will have you know that some girls can be stronger then guys

Suruki: yeah,,,if the guy is you


Suruki:, you sure are dumb arenít you,,how will you kill me if I am dead

before Inuyasha got to say any-thing the door opened, but it wasnít filled with fire like you might think, but it had a big room with only one person it in,

Inuyasha:,umm,,I donít know if I should ask,,but,,who are you?

J: me,,they call me J,,I will be the one to tell you if you stay dead or get a second chance at life

Inuyasha: what!,,but that gate guy said we go to hell

J: who,,him,,,like he can tell any-one what to do,,,I am the real one that says what goes in Hell,,,hmm,,and I think I will only give one of you life,,but who

Suruki:,,I say you let us stay dead

Inuyasha:,,ta hell with that,,I want life

J: very well then,,you will get life,,,but,,,,this might hurt

as fast as he said that he got out a big but at the same time small ball and grabbed Inuyasha and stuffed him into it then he hit the ball and it whent right up until it came out of the ground,,

Inuyasha:,,wow,,I am back in the real world,,,,now to find a way out of this ball,,grr,AHH,,GRAAHHHH,,,this might be hard o_O

~ to be continued

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

INU Vs Suruki,
As Inuyasha was walking he came to a small demon,,the demon looked up at him, and Inuyasha looked down at him

Inuyasha: just what the hell are you,,and why do you have a cat on your head

the demon:,,I am the one that is going to kill you and then take your head to my lord Suruki

Inuyasha: I would like to see you try that,,but I need to go find some food for my friends

as Inuyasha started to walk off the small demon got bigger,,he went from 3 feet to 300 feet,,then as Inuyasha looked back at him he looked like he was looking at a ghost


as the demon grabbed Inuyasha he hit him on the head then walked off with him in his hand,,later on shippo came looking for Inuyasha but couldnít find him

shippo ,,what the hell is he doing,,I havenít had any food in a week and Inuyasha isnít back yet,,,huh,,,,well,,looks like I am back to milk for some time

as he walked off he knew not of what was to be come of Inuyasha,,


Suruki : good,,put him down so I can kill him with my own 2 hands,,,,

the demon puts him down then goís back to being 3 feet

Inuyasha: who the hell are you and what the hell do you want,,,HELL

Suruki: now now,,,no need to say hell so much boy,,,,,,even if it is the spot I will send you to

Inuyasha: what!,,why do you want to kill me,,I donít even know you

Suruki: you really are just a dumb mutt arenít you,,,you mean to tell me you donít remember killing my family,,,YOU KILLED EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM,,AND FOR THIS I WILL SEND YOU TO HELL YOU BASTARD DEMON

Suruki runs up to Inuyasha and cuts him in 2,,as Inuyasha was on the ground the only thing he could think of was Kagome

Suruki: huh,,,now that this one is dead it is time to find his friends and kill them all one by one


as Inuyasha said that he got his sword and put is right into Surukis chest

Suruki:,,,WHAAA,,,,,NOOO,,,,I CANT DIE ,,,AHHHH

~to be continued

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

sorry for the late post every one,,any-who, how might you be,,,as for this one,,,,well,,,i want food and i am bored,,so i am great,,i mean,,BLAH,,well,,not to much that i can think of to say,,so on to the pic

see ya

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Friday, November 4, 2005

hey every one,,how might you be,,,ok thats good,,but know one knows what you said,,so i will say words for you,,ok,,well,,i will not say words for you,,but i will say words for me,,,words like,,"AHZUUZUU",,BUWAHHA,,any-who,,today was good,, but the weekend will be better,,and one more thing for this one to say,,ok maybe 2 things,,the first one is i might change my Background some time in a week or so,,i am not sure on that one yet,,and the other is about movies,,i want to know what kind of movies you like,,as for this one, i like the old monster movie's,,like "Frankenstein"
"Swamp Thing",,and who could forget,,"Dracula",,i like Frankenstein the most,,but i know more about Dracula,,,like this,,,did you know Dracula was a real person,,his name was " Vlad Dracula" also known as "Vlad the impaler" but he was not a vampire as some might think,,how-ever he did drink blood and kill alot of people,,any-who,,i don't want to take a lot of time just talking about Dracula,,,hmmm,,well,,it looks like i did take time talking about him,,and it also looks like this is a longer post then usaul for me,,so if you don't like long post then i am sorry for this long one,,any-who,,i will end things now,,but first i will give you a quot from the movie "Star Wars"

~And now, young Skywalker...you will die

ok,,now for the pic

see ya

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

BUWAHAHAH,,i mean,,how are you today,,as for this one,,he is grood,,i mean good, and great,,good and great,,hmm,,well,,this one cant think of much to say,,so i will give you 2 pics for today

see ya

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

i mean,,,how might thee be doith ing,,i mean,,,
whats up?,,,
ok,,lets see,,
what will this one say first,,hmmm,,
i might try and do a new pic at some time,,
as for what the pic will be,,
i don't know yet
but if you can think of a good one to do just let me know and maybe i will do it
ok,,moving on,,
this one had a good day,
but i didn't get alot of sleep
and the only other thing
this one has to say is,,
ok,,now i am out of words
and i don't have a pic for today,,,

see ya

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