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Friday, November 30, 2007

   -.-, -.- and more -.-
Well. I'm bored. and it's all wierd. I haven't been here in FOREVER!!!! <3
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Friday, June 8, 2007

SCHOOL IS FINALLY OUT!!!! But unfortunately for me I have to go back and take a test that the school was so kind as to tell us (as in me and my friends) we were exempt from and tehn tell us we weren't. Now i have to go back today. At 9:30. Sigh . . .
Well . . the good news is . . if you want to add me as a friend on AIM. You can . . that's the one I"m always on now. MSN hate me now. XD If you have Xfire. I'm on that too. Sometimes. I'm Atsui6Hyuuga on that one. XD It's been a while since i was up here. I still have to continue my story now though. I'll get to it later. yes I"m prcrastination. But you would to if you have a civics test coming up. XD

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well . . I continue the story maybe tomarrow . . .but in the meantime . .like my new theme? I'm gonna get some bleach music in a while
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

   Switch 4
"Well you doing have to freak out about it Kagome . . . . .He didn't . . ." Sesshomaru yelled back. By now, Inuyasha (sesshomaru) was sitting and watching the arguement.
"You're pathetic, Inuyasha. You allow a human to control you . . . .?" he asked after several minutes.
"Excuse me!!! I took you in my home when I could have just let you stay and let Naraku kill you!!!" Kagome threatened.
"And I could have kept your body!" Sesshomaru smiled, which Kagome blushed at. Inuyasha knew they were right and he was beaten but her merely turned and left to the house. For once Sesshomaru felt triumph over his brother and began to gloat which quickly stopped when Kagome glared at him.
"Stop it, Inuyasha! Since tomarrow is Saturday, we're gonna leave, we have to get you you're body back . . . ." she told him.
"But . . .I like this body!" he complained, following her.
"So you'd want his enemies too . . . .?" Kagome asked. "And give up the Tetsusaiga, as well as have only one arm?"
"And do you wish to kill her . . .? When mating season comes to you I can't guarantee that she'll be alive by the end of it . . . . ." Inuyasha was listening to the conversation. Both Kagome and Sesshomaru blushed at this, they weren't even thinking about that (well Sesshoamru probably was but not at the moment . . .>_> <_<).
"Ok! Point taken! Get off my back!!" Sesshomaru jumped into Kagome's window to keep to his thoughts.

Yeah, people I know I've been gone a looooooooong time but my computer chose to break down and get a virus so I had to wait til my brother got home to get it fixed but it's fixed now. =n_n=

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Just some of my fave videos.
Bad Boy


Sailor Moon

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I thought I would never live to see this!! Gaara on a strip pole . . .
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Here's apic of Naruto on a strip pole! (My BF!! lol)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
U guy might not want to see this one . . .advert ur eyes
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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Switch 3
What's up everybody!! This is the moment, everyone realizes that they aren't themselves and it isn't a dream(except Hojo).

There seemed to be a breeze as Inuyasha's hair turned black, his dog ears disappearing. Inuyasha only sighed, the worst of his shock over. Everyone looked at him sympathetically, even Sesshomaru who was seeing himself in his human form for the first time.
"Uh, Sesshomaru. You should get some sleep. There's nothing here that would be a threat to even you, besides a burglar." Kagome said, snuggling deep in her bed. He didn't answer but followed suit like Sesshomaru, who had had down in a corner.
They woke up in the morning, the quietest morning they had in days. Inuyasha was gone.
"Um . . . .Inuyasha? Where's Sesshomaru?" Kagome asked, waking him up.
"Hell if I know. I don't track my brother where ever he goes!!!" he said, getting up and jumping out the window.
"Wait!! Inuyasha!! You can't go out like that!!!" Kagome yelled after him, but to her relief, he entered the house again. She entered the shower, relaxed without worry for the two brothers.
Meanwhile . . . .
"Yo, Sota . . .have you seen my brother around?" Sesshomaru asked Sota.
"I think he went out to the shrine. So it really is you, Inuyasha?" he repiled.
"Who else would it be? If I were my brother, all you you would probably be dead by now." Sesshomaru answered and went back upstairs. Kagome was just coming from her room dressed for school.
"Where are you going?" Sesshomaru asked.
"I have to go to school but afterwards, we are going to get you some new clothes. You can't walk around like that!" Kagome said, grabbing her backpack. Sesshomaru looked at his clothes, but he didn't argue, after all they weren't even his.
"Um . . . .Kagome, I can take Inuyasha shopping. While you're in school, I can take them both shopping." her mom interuppted.
"Uh . . . .I doubt that Sesshomaru would want to go anywhere with you mom. He's more of the look and don't touch type . . ." Kagome answered. "But thanks!!!"
"Ok . . .alright." her mom nodded. Kagome ran out the door, thinking her worries were over.
"Ok . . .Inuyasha, let's go." Kagome's mom grabbed his hand. They walked out of the house, not seeing Inuyasha sitting on the roof of the home. Whispers filled Sesshomaru's ears, they talked about the strange clothes he was wearing(not to mention the fluffy. Imagine what they're saying about that!).
"Will you all shut up already!!!" Sesshomaru yelled at all of them, his eyes turning red(but he didn't know it.). Everyone put their hands together, laughing and cheering. They thought that he was just a actor and the eyes wee just special effects.
Sesshomaru walked back to Kagome's home in baggy jeans and a red shirt. The only thing he didn't take off was the fluffy, he kinda liked the feel of it and it was attached(I think it's really his tail, I saw it bleed before, so I'm just going to assume that's what it is).
"Wow, these are great. I don't feel so stuffy anymore either!!!" Sesshomaru started to jump off of the shrine and house. All Kagome's mom could see was silver, blue, and red.
"Well, Inuyasha, I'm going in and start dinner!" she hurried in happily.
"INUYASHA . . . ." a cold voice came from the shade of the sacred tree.
"What . . .? Sesshomaru?" Sesshomaru stopped. The pissed off demon walked from the shade.
"What . . . did . . .you . . . .do . . . with . . .my . . .clothes?" he asked, his voice deadly calm.
"That stupid outfit! I changed out of it, it was stuffy. Kagome's mom has it. Why? Too good to look normal?" Sesshomaru teased, tossing his hair mockingly. Inuyasha jumped forward, seeming to trip realizing that he can't go super fast anymore. Sesshomaru let out a small laugh and raced away. Inuyasha growled chasing after him, looking ready to use the Wind Scar on him.
"Yeah, Kagome. How about we go to the carnival Saturday?" Hojo asked, handing her a pair of tickets.
"uh . . .I don't know . . ." Kagome said just as two males ran down the stairs, one of them in a red kimono.
"Do I know you?" Hojo asked Inuyasha, remembering the play that he had acted in once. Kagome didn't give him a chance to answer, pushing the two demons back up the stairs.
"I'm sorry Hojo!!! I have company over!!! We'll go another time!!!"
"Kagome!!! What are you doing?"
"Are you crazy Inuyasha? Do you know what would happen if anyone beside's Hojo saw those ears?"

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Switch Part 2
"Then, there's only one choice . . . " Kagome said, brightly.
"What?" Everyone asked(except Inuyasha of course!).
"Take him back to my era!" she said. By this time, Inuyasha was wandering away, still dazed. His eyes hadn't looked up once and looked on the verge of walking inot a tree.
"What!? Kagome, are you crazy!! He'll go and kill everyone in your house!" Sesshomaru yelled angrily. Everybody around him shivered, no one had ever heard Sesshomaru yell and it was creepy.
"Don't do that again! It's kinda scary!" Kagome said. Sesshomaru saw the look on everyone's faces.
"Sorry . . . ."
"Well, Inuyasha. Look at Sesshomaru, his going to be human not to long now, only a couple more hours and her will be. He's never been human before! If Naraku finds out anyway, you won't have a body to return to!!" Kagome argued, running to catch the "sleep-walking" Inuyasha.
"WHO SAID I WANT TO BE A HALF-DEMON AGAIN!!!" he yelled again, after her, she didn't hear.
~How could this have happened to the Great Lord Sesshomaru?(This is Sesshomaru's thoughts) Me? Human? How . . .?~ Inuyasha's confused thoughts were overloading.
"Sesshomaru?" Kagome called after him, he showed no sign of hearing her but stopped.
"We have to go . . ." she told him, a great deal of sympathy in her eyes. It had overcome her fear of him. He merely stared at her, unseeing. She grabbed his hand, dragging him back to the others. Her touch seemed to have woke him up a little but he made no attempt to resist.
"You aren't serious are you?" Sesshomaru asked, a suspicious look coming into his face. Suddenly, Inuyash a pulled his hand away, standing in the midst of the friends.
"Of course I'm serious . . . .I'm pretty sure Sesshomaru wants his body back too." she said stubbornly.
"I'm not going, where ever you're talking about." Inuyasha said suddenly, looking at them coldly.
"Come on Sesshomaru. If Naraku finds you tonight, you could be killed. I'm pretty sure you want you're body back and not be stuck in your brothers." she said, following him as he walked away slowly.
"I don't run . . ." he said turning to face her, he looked on the verge of slittling Kagome's throat.
"Sesshomaru, if you come, you can at least have a fighting chance against Naraku. Unlike me, Sango, and Miroku, you can really do anything to protect yourself against him. Unless you want to swing around a rusty Tetsusaiga like Inuyasha always does, like an idiot." she said. He now looked relaxed, as if he knew she was right. She grabbed him again, going towards the well as the one who couldn't get through left towards Kadae's.
"So you're serious?" Sesshomaru asked, following her as he caught up.
"Well, how does it feel to be a full demon?" she asked ignoring the question.
"I'd always thought that I'd be a full demon in my own body." he replied, not realizing that she didn't answer.
"Well, why don't you try out something. How about that whip thingy." she said, starting to drag Inuyasha.
"I don't know how." he replied.
"You have to try . . . .concentrate then." she looked curiously. He stared at Sesshomaru's hand for a couple of minutes and it began to glow. A look of pure delight on his face, he cracked it, almost chopping off Kagome's leg.
"Watch it!" she jumped. They had finally reached the well. Inuyasha's face showed a little suspicion as her looked at the two. Then he was pushed in, seeing as her was going to jump in on his own, Kagome jumped in next. The purple blue mix began to flash before he hit the ground, Sesshomaru jumped in last. He almost missed the portal and a thread of his hair was caught. On the other side, Inuyasha hadn't moved and Kagome fell on top of him, the Sesshomaru came soon after. They were then stuck in a sort of sandwich, their legs tangled. Sesshomaru's face grew red in the darkness, and quickly scrabled up. He gathered up his legs and jumped to the top, Inuyasha following suit. Kagome realized that Sesshomaru wasn't going to carry her out so she started to climb, just a Sesshomaru came back. He pulled her on his back and gathered his legs one more time. As he went through the air, Kagome almost fell off, not being used to him having only one arm.
"Mom! I'm home!!!" she ran in, pulling Inuyasha's hand with her.
"Great! Hey Inuyasha!" Sota ran up and grabbed Inuyasha's hand and started to drag hi towards his room.
"Hey." Sesshomaru replied. but no one seemed to notice.
"Wait! Sota, that's not Inuyasha!!!" Kagome called before he got out the door.
"What do you mean? Who is that?" her mom asked, looking worried.
"This is Inuyasha's brother, Sesshomaru but their bodies were sitched so now this is Inuyasha." Kagome explained. "Sesshomaru has a sort of problem with Inuyasha's body today . . .so I thought I'd bring them here."
"Ok, Kagome. It's fine, well have steak tonight then."
"STEAK!!!" Kagome had to drag Sesshomaru from the room and Inuyasha went to sit by her window.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A FUNNY switch
Okay, this is a story about Inuyasha and Sesshomaru learning (or at least trying) to understand each other. Though it is also a plot to kill them. It all started on the day before the new moon . . . . .

The woman flew through the air, searching for her targets. A male demon had hired her to help him with a delima. Her eyes finally searched out the two brothers, fighting and throwing insults a one another. She shook her head in dismay at the two dog demons. As she landed, her dragon let out a small growl, they didn't even seem to notice. Their clashing swords and egos were occupying them.
"Wow, Naraku was right. It is sad that you two figth so much, and you're supposed to be brothers. . . ." she said shaking her head in disapproval.
"Who the hell are you, wench? What do you know about Naraku?" the silver headed dog called, his eyes flashig with anger. The other stared at you calmly, no expresson in his eyes whatsoever.
"Don't lump me in with this half-breed. . . " he said finally, his eyes briefly showed anger.
"If you must know, I am a dark miko, and I go by the name of Atsui. Naraku hired me to take care of you." the woman replied.
"You . . . .take care of me? You amuse me woman." the older demon replied a faint smile on his face.
"For once, I agree with the arrogant bastard!" he rushed at her.
"Inuyasha, Sesshomaru . . . . . ." Atsui said, a pshychotic grin on her face. "Either you can kill yourselves or you can learn to get along. . . . . .you decide."
The miko started to chant, her body floating into the air. The chants got louder as Inuyasha got closer.
"Wind Scar" Inuyasha caloled his attack. It rushed towards the woman, but before it reached her, time seemed to stop. A barrier was put up as another priestess ran from the forest.
"Inuyasha!!!" she was the only thing moving. Suddenly, two lights began to show, right above the two bodies. One a bluish white and the other a deep red, both in the form of one of the brothers. The spell was almost completed as both bodies lifted into the air, their souls switching.
"Selfish life . . . . . . .live each others lives and only then will the curse wear off." she finished, and the bodies fell back to earth. Atsui's voice rang in Kagome's head as she watched the woman fly off.
"Inuyasha!!!" kagome screamed running out to his unmoving body. He slowly stirred, staring at her, seemingly as if her didn't recognize her.
"Kagome!!! Inuyasha!!!" the others ran from the forest, looking apprehensively at Sesshomaru's body. The othr demon began to stir.
"What the hell . . .?" he asked. "Kagome?" he looked at her. His surprise shone even more when he looked who she was sitting beside.
"I . . .Inuyasha?" she looked at him, Sesshomaru's eyes filled with confusion. "Lord Sesshomaru?"
The body beside her simply stood up, looking at her coldly.
"Inuyasha!" Miroku ran up to his body.
"Human, get your filthy hands off me." he said.
"Wait! Miroku! That's Sesshomaru! This is Inuyasha!" She pointed to Sesshomaru's body. The real Sesshomaru looked towards where she pointed and his eyes seem to cloud with suprise and slow realization.
"What?" the two brother said at the same time. Kagome laughed, it was funny hearing Sesshomaru yelling.
"That wench!!! She switched us!!" he yelled up into the night. Inuyasha (Sesshomaru. I'm going to call them by each others names. It's hard calling them each other's bodies.) simply watched Inuyasha run around in a furious rage. Then everybody except for Inuyasha seemed to freeze.
"Hey, Inuyasha? Don't you turn into a human tonight?" the kitsune asked the question that was on everybodys mind(except of Inuyasha, I don't think he knows). Finally Inuyasha's face shone emotion.
"What!?" he asked sort of hoarsely.
"Yeah!" Sesshomaru let out a loud laugh, that too was hoarse. Eveyone stared at him in surpise, then looked at Inuyasha in sympathy.
"Doesn't seem like Sesshomaru has had a good laugh in a while. . . ." Kagome said, Inuyasha staring at his hands with a O_O look on his face.
"Are you kidding, Kagome? Sesshomaru has never laughed in his life." Sesshomaru said, looking at her with a childish look (If that's possible . . ).
"Well, what are we going to do Inuyasha? If Naraku spots your weak form, he'll know about it. So when this spell wears off, he could kill you!" Sango point out. Sesshomaru's face humbled. Kagome's face brightened.
"Then, there's only one choice . . . . ."

Tune in next time for the second part!!! I love cliff hangers!!!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm back with new pics!!! Please don't hit me with a fan. . .. . .
Ok, when I first saw this pic, my intial reaction was WTF!? Their a bunch of loonies!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Okay, I know theirs a certain person that's going to kill me for this, but you got to admitt it is funny!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I saw Sesshomaru at the spa getting a facial treatment. Unfortunately (Fortunately for him though) I didn't get the pic, because someone stole my camra phone, fangirls (like me) pay good money for stuff like that!!!
$_$ Anyway, before you ask me, this is what happened. He looked in a basin of water and saw he had a HUGE ZIT ON HIS NOSE!!! Rin, being the crazy little girl she is told him to go to the spa. Then he called on me to explain to him what it was (you can expect a energetic little girl to explain it accurately) and convinced him to go. He went and got a full treatment, but he didn't know that the "zit" was just a grape seed that I had spit on him the day before (yes, he did almost kill me) and had dried, sticking to his face. damn those girls that stole my phone!!! He had cucumbers on his eyes and everything. Though I did eat one . . . . . .

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