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half demon inuyasha was after the secrad jewl to become a full demon. one day he meet a young lovely lady kikyo the priests. she changed inuyashas mind into becoming full human and being with her forever. one day kikyo found a bandit onigumo. he was badly burned and couldnt move. she had no idea what she had done taking him in. one day onigumo fused with a bunch of demons become one named naruko the powerful shape shifter. naruko to wanted the secrad jewl. he descized himself as inuyasha and attacked kikyo. then he decized himself as kikyo and went after inuyasha pretending kikyo wated to kill him. naruko inuyasha into to attacking kikyos home village. then kikyo spelled pinned inuyasha to a tree and dying monments later. 50 years later a girl from the future kagome comes back to the past threw the bone eatters well and broke kikyos spell. in battle a demon bit the secrad jewl out of kagome and then it got shattered. kagome and inuyasha have to work togather to collect the shards making new friends on the way!