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heyy my name is victoria umm... i really dunt know what to say ... umm i really like inuyasha thatnx to my cuzin timmy (( your the best x0 )) i started watching it in summer o4' and i really like so i am gonna keep watching it ... i also like yu yu hokusho and ravemaster .... ravemaster is better though ... :-D well look around and stuff i guess ( i would add muzic but i cant figure out how :-/ lol ) well ... ttfn buhbyez (( p.s. PLZ .... sign the guestbo0k ... and if you want tell me about some other really good anime's and stuff that you watch cause i really want to watch other ones too umm and if you could tell me the channel and the time and the days its on ... thanx so very very much and enjoy the rest of profile ) (( arent i so very very polite ))

x0 Peace Out 0x

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

   Kikyo Does Need To Die
OMG ! Azn Gurl You Are So Right !!! In like every episode kikyo is getting in the way of inuyasha and kogome , even when she wasn't revived !!! I Think she should die in a battle againest inuyasha again but this time for good not to be mean or anything but i want kagome and inuyasha to be a couple .... !!! when i saw the return to the place where we first met i cried !! i seriously did because of kikyo lol it was so sad ! :( but now i know i am not the only one who thinks kikyo should die ... thanx for agreeing wit me lol buhbyez <<~>>Victoria<<~>>
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   Things I Don't Like
String Beans , any hotdog other then sabrett , my brother sometimes , guyz who stalk you just to say hi , most vegetables , pears , bananas , blueberrys , the mets and the red sox and the marlins , any team that beats the yankees , any team that isnt the yankees haha , annoying people , poking , twitching , my stepbro ( sometimes , the baldwins ( really annoying kids ) , when people push you in the pool ... and much much more i cant think of right now ... x0x
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   Things I Like Hehe
omg i love playing video games they are the best , chicken courdon bleu , spare ribs , baseball , guyz that listen to you and dont act stupid around you , my friends , my vans ( shoes )my pink phat farms , my brother (( sometimes )) my stuff , anime , inuyasha , rave master , yu yu hokosho , cute little kids , Yankees hanging out wit my friends, DRAWING!!! , my stepbrother (sometimes) basketball , umm and a lot more i cant think of hehe Aloha ..
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   Umm...You'll See
heyy yall umm lets what to talk bout umm you people should really watch rave master its about this teenager named Haru who is on a mission to save the world from the evil gang demon card and he has to use the power of rave and the 10 powers ( the sword ) to defeat them this a mission his father went out on leaving his sister cattleya and his mother behind along wit haru it is a very good show WATCH IT haha

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   How I Started Getting Into Anime ....
how i started to get into anime ... it was all my cousins fault ( not that thats a bad thing ) haha when he came down from penne. he told about some shows and i watched and look where i am now ....
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