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Friday, October 19, 2007

hey well or festivel went well we got an ecellent though which is one away from the top good thing it wasnt the actuall festival that one is on november 3 that's another all day thing

uhhhh oh yeah well i got over nick i dont remeber if i told you guys or not but me and his gf ar actually good friends now and i like someone older than nick he is supposed to be a sr but he's not hes a jr. and he is almost 18 i think and his name is damon but iono if he likes me back just cuz it would be my luck i am sure he doesnt but he acts like he does all i know is that i am rly confussed about the whole situation and uhh i forgot what else i was going to say oh yeah we have another football game tonite we are playing tampa catholic and i dont have school today so i am burning time lol well ttyl

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