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After taking over 227 Inu Yasha character test, it has proven that every time I take it, truthfully, I am no other than Inu Yasha. It was Inu Yasha that first imspired me to start making amautre comics such as my current prodject right now, Crusader. I hope that when I finish it, I can post it here and have it judged by true OTAKUs such as all that read right now. I will accept all cristisim of all forms, no matter how burtally insulting or hostest as they are. That is what makes a good anime. It will be from your help that Crusader will be a rememberal anime such as Inu Yasha and it will be all thanks to you.
I also need information on how to get it on this website in the first place. And info on that note will be most appreciatative. Thanks ^-^

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   The new winner of the tokyopop rising star of manga competition
Kyo. Hey, everyone I'm entering the Tokyopop contest. I have seen the competition and the competitor, and i really think i can win. This may sound sad but,...I don't know how to enter. With any of your help, you'll be looking at the next Rumiko Takahashi! post anything you find. Thanks. Lae
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Thursday, August 5, 2004

Please, I'm begging you reader (even though I don't regularlly do this). I need...your help...to make......my webpage. Yes, I know, pathetic. My current webpage is InuYashasama444. Come, and see how pathetic it is. All I have on it is my account. See? If you know anything that can help, write me ASAP. Thank you
Truely yours,
Inu Yasha

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