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Hello and welcome to my myOtaku webpage. I don't post here too often; usually I post on my blog, Everbody is Somebody's Weirdo.

Sunday, March 6, 2005

   new official blog location
yea, so, just letting anybody who cares know: i have a new actual official blog and you can visit it if ya want.

Everybody is Somebody's Weirdo

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Thursday, November 4, 2004

   yet another boring day
i really wish my life was more exciting.... *sigh* right now i'm in first period band, where we have been given a free, and i have no homework. not that i'd really do my homework if i had any... well, yea, it's so incredibly boring that i can't even think of anything ot rant about. so, that's all for now.
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Friday, October 29, 2004

   happy halloween, early
today we got to dress up in our costumes. it was pretty fun, but something even funnier happened at the football game last night, which i will go into detail right after i say that yes, trustme, berserk is a great series! i didnt buy it myself, my friend had it and loaned it to me, and that's how i got into it. if you like horror, then you'll like berserk, but if you don't like to see blood and guts, then i wou'dn't recommend it.

anyway, last night at the football game, a guy at my school went streaking! i didnt see it, but apparently, he was wearing a thong, and the new religion teacher sprinted after him and caught him. today, all the seniors were talkin about him (as he is a senior too) and that the 2 guys who were acting as his get-away ride got expelled/suspended too. (i'm not sure which: expelled or suspended. the guy who went streaking got expelled, but my school has a "second-chance policy" so he'll prolly be back) but yea, this is some pretty funny stuff. it's prolly not as funny to you people, who don't know anyone in this story, but on this end of the story, its hilarious!

uh, don't really have much more to say... o ya! i was spending all my bday money on wednesday (we had off) and i started a new anime series: r.o.d. i saw the end of the ova on cn last saturday, and liked it, so i bought r.o.d. the tv to see if that was good too, which i think it is. it's funny, and has great action scenes. not anything like dbz, or martial arts, but still good. i'd say the fighting almost reminded me of the matrix, maybe... the youngest girl does alot of acrobatic moves and for some reason that may have reminded me of bullet-time :S anyway, it's a good series, and that's all i have to say for today.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

   late start day!
yea, so today was a late start, but i wouldn't say it started out well... i was in a bad mood all morning, and it didn't really get better till my brother and i went to baker's to get him sone candy (we get a discount because i work there ^^) then to mangleson's to buy my halloween costume. i'm going to be a "renaissance witch" i feel kinda uncreative, but what can ya do? i'm having my birthday party on saturday, and it's also going to be a costume party. not everybody's dressing up tho, it's optional. it's still a pretty nice lookin costume, better than any stereotpical witch costume, that's for sure. and it's black with dark green, which is my favorite color (dark green is, not black).

so yea, i'm gonna wear it on saturday, then again whenever we get to dress up for school. i'm a senior this year, so i get to dress up. ^^ i need to find a way to take in the waist though. it's too big, otherwise the dress fits great!

submitted 2 new greetings, one's got corkus from berserk and the other's tamahome and nuriko from fushigi yuugi. normally i wouldn't do anything with corkus on it, as i really don't like him, but in this case, he's makin' a great face. *laughs*

oo, can't wait till i get some more money! after my next paycheck i'll have enough to buy a gamecube and windwaker!!!!

well, that's about all for now.

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

i'm so tired today. yesterday was homecoming, so i stayed up till 2 or so. and today i had to get up and go to work. i'm gonna be dead at school tomorrow. um, can't really think of much else to say at the moment. i'll post when i do.
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