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Monday, August 15, 2005

Today, me and lilsangofan got registered for school today, cause we both missed the regular date. The sucky thing is, TODAY IS THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS!!!!! crappers. I don't want school to start yet! It should start the day after Labor Day, like it was when my parents went to school!
Another sucky thing are break-ins. They are SCARY!! The reason i'm saying this is because Friday night, we had some kids around my age, we think, come INTO our HOUSE through the BACKDOOR! They were also kinda stupid because WE were HOME when they did this, but my dad chased them out. That was the first time that had happened to us. It just makes me think about how unsafe the world really is. Now, we have to start using keys to our house, which is new because of those kids. DAMN THEM!!!! Another weird thing is that "coincedentaly" (sp?) supposedly the police were at a house on our street or something like that...

Anyway, please talk to me, or visit when I update, or I will leave myotaku.

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