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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

   yay Naruto!!!!
Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

What Naruto Guy is For You?

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u act like a teenager plain and simple GO U!!!!!

How old do u REALLY act??????????
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LUCKY! You got Rose, the good girl in town. When
when people think of you they think of a girl
with a halo and a book. Although deep down you
may sometimes feel a little depressed and
lonely, you don't let it keep you down! Outside
your crazy cool! Your also ridicuously smart.
Evil people may think your a dork because you
like school, and well, maybe you are a dork.
But other people love yah! How can they not?
You wikid funny, cool, smart, a bit crazy but
still extremely pretty. And although you've had
a rough past, now your future is gunna be
awesome! You're also not into the whole dating
thing. You might date a little but it won't
last or mean anything. Don't worry, though!
Soon you will meet the perfect guy, you'll get
married and live happily ever after! Well, I
don't know for sure, but that's what SHOULD
happen. Maybe you're just...perfect!

what type of girl are you? (anime picks!)
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   yeah dark is hott!!!!!
Phantom Thief Dark!
*swoon* the amazing phantom thief dark, outgoing
and unpredictable this is you're kinda man.

Phantom Thief Dark from the anime DN Angel is
you're match.

What Anime Bad Boy Should You Be With?
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You chose hazel eyes.
That means you are a very sweet, thoughtful person.
You are gulliable too, so it's hard for you to
sometimes say no to situations you don't like.
You're too worried that you might hurt
someone's feelings that a lot of the time you
don't think about what you want. You are also
very generous. You love to hang out with your
friends, and laugh at every little
"funny" thing.

The Eye color personality test
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u like him because he makes u feel like all the
attention is on you and noone else...so i say
go for the gold and get to know him know him

Why do u like the guy u like.
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   hey everyone!!!
Hey guys!!! Whats up bitches!! Nothing here. I am really bored. i am staying after school with my friends because they want to work on there projects and i dont feel like going home yet. So i made them go in the the computer room. so i could go on the computer. Man i am so bored. Today was fun. I am talking to roberto a lot. we somewhat flirt. But i dont know what we are doing. I am having fun though. Me and kole are talking and we are waiting for all the guys to finish so i can go get some Starbucks. well i g2g bye bye. Love ya and Peace out!!!
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Monday, September 19, 2005

   i love it!!!
You are a: RED ANGEL!
You are loyal and loving. You keep your word and
always finish what you start. You have a warm
welcoming heart and you care for others like
you were their mother. You can also have quite
the temper though. Maybe you dont want to admit
it. And this temper can turn into the lust for
revenge if someone you love, or even you
yourself, have been hurt by others. Do not let
them get the better of you! You are independant
and free to do as you please *Rate and msg

What colour angel are you?
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Pentagram tattoo
(Note: this symbol is NOT satanic... It is the sign
of Venus. It means beauty SO BE HAPPY!)

What tattoo would you have?
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   thats so me!!
You're a very intellegent person, but cautious. You
tend to be holding secrets deep within you and
can't tell anyone for fear that they'll spread
it around. You vent your emotions by playing an
instrument or singing, perhaps writing and
drawing. You don't really like to hurt people,
but will defend those you care for deeply.

How do you feel deep down inside? (Anime Pics)
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