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Monday, August 29, 2005

   cool this one is a great quiz!!!
Goddess of magic~
You are the most mysertious and secretive of all
the goddesses. Very little is known about you.
You have always been a magical soul so got given
the job to watch over all that possess magical
prowess. You believe strongly that anything is
possible and so you make is possible. You have
that rare gift.
Your name is raven, your symbol is also a raven and
your favourite time is midnight when the magic
is at it's most.

What goddess are you?
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   ok at least i'm not clover or mandy.
the clever one
You are sam. The clever one, that is both pretty
and wise. You have a strong head on your
shoulders and have been known to get your
friends out of sticky situations. You are very
intelligent and level headed. You know your
stuff and are very optimistic. You can see what
others can not and are very good at choosing
your friends and seeing whose bad and whose
You fall in love like the others but you look for
that special unique quality in a guy and when
you find it you are so blissfully in love and
besotted with him!
You tend to use your brain and wit rather than your
gadgets but they help you aswell, just when you
need them!
Like the others you are one hell of a fighter. You
can really kick ass, especially when someone
puts your bestfriends in danger. You know your
role in life and you stick to it. You are loyal
to the bone and are always there for your
friends and the world. You put across a very
independant character but you like others need
your friends, you love them like your sisters
and there is never a moment that you do not
show them that.

Seeing as your so smart, would you PLEASE

Which totally spie are you most like?
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i like pan!!!
get off
Pan- She has short black hair which she usually
wears with a bandana. Her mother is Videl and
her father is Gohan, her grandmother Chichi and
grandfather Goku. She is a brilliant fighter,
flying around the world at the age of a baby
was nothing to her, she barely broke a sweat.
She is cute, rather tomboyish, a strong fighter
with kick ass attitude and style which you've
got admire. She doesn't always listen and tends
to cause alot of trouble which she does worry
about along with everyone else. She can be
bossy but she's nice mostly. Her bestfriend is
Trunks who happens to be 14 years older than
her, i think she may like him just a bit more
than that though it's hard to think she could
press the issue with such an age gap. On the
picture she is the little girl on the far right
handside, trunks is on the left and that's
Goten in the middle.

What dragonballz girl are you?
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You are the element of wind.

alt="Image hosted by

With the strong
emphasis of thought you are the dreamers of the
world and the hopeful. You are constantly
thinking but usually do very little to act upon
your thoughts. You communicate and express
ideas with mental agility but have very little
faith in your own ideas. You are probably more
concerned with theory than with application.,
constantly thinking, but not always following
through as well as others. Rational and
logical, you analyze situations fully, thinking
them through and planning carefully before you
act. While you may ponder and vacillate, you
rarely make foolish mistakes. Detached and not
overly emotional, you are almost always
objective and fair-minded. You are
people-oriented, but more inclined toward the
group than the individual. You are a very
calming and caring person, quiet and mature,
but you do seem very distant at times, you have
great potential and beauty but don't tend to
show it, you tend to hide away yourself
although you have great character. Your always
there for someone in need but you should try
helping yourself too, you have a great air of
mystery about you because you keep yourself to
yourself. You can be very confused at times and
people find it very hard to understand you but
you are overall a lovely person.You are the
type of person who goes along life willingly,
taking each day as it comes and never really
sharing your own feelings about it all.

what element do you possess? (girls)
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   i am really not quiet but i like this one
innocence and purity
You are an innocent angel!
Quiet and caring, you keep yourself to yourself!
You probably don't have an evil bone in your
body! You are caring and try your best to be
there for everyone but sometimes you just don't
understand but nevertheless its the thought
that you give that counts! You are so innocent
and sooo caring, you probably get walked all
over because of your nievaty but oh well!

What type of Angel are you?
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   i love CHARMED!!!!!
You are most like Piper halliwell!
The real leader of the charmed trio of witches well
since the eldest sister Prue died anyway.
Because of Prues death Piper turned from middle
and mellow sister to the eldest sister with the
weight of the world on her shoulders. Piper has
long straight brown hair, dark brown eyes and a
curvaceous figure.

Piper committed her life to the protection of
the innocent from evil through no choice of her
own it was something she inherited along with
her sisters and when she was young she fought
against her powers now having learnt it is her
responsibility she relishes them and is one
powerful witch.

Her powers include: molecular combustion
(blowing things up) and time freezing which she
enables through the flick of her fingers. The
charmed sisters could not manage without Piper,
for she both freezes the demons and blows them
up. As well as this she the natural leader, the
most responsible and the most organised. As
well as exceeding determination and strength of
soul Piper contains a very fiery personality.
Which is deadly when she can blow things up.
Piper was forced into realising her
responsibilites before she got the chance to
realise who she really was but with all she has
had challenge her she has become an extremely
strong woman. It wasn't easy taking on the role
of eldest sister after her sister Prue and with
all she has gone through with Leo and her
eldest son prophesised to be the greatest evil
to have ever been conceived; Piper has had to
learn to put everything and everyone before
herself. Along with deep determination and
inner strength Piper also has quite a stubborn
and sarcastic personality.

Throughout her life Piper has faced the most
difficult of battles and is a woman always
determined to do right by her family. She will
do anything for her family and will stop at
nothing to protect them. She is the strongest
of the sisters no doubt.

what charmed sister are you?
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   i like this one!!
anime month
You are stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed
and highly motivated. Your thoughts are very
sharp and clear in detail. You are easily
angered. You Attract others and love the
attention you get. Your feelings are always
deep. You are Beautiful physically and
mentally. You hold a Firm Standpoint and hold
your ground in all situatuons. You need no
motivation whatsoever. Easily consoled.
Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong
clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in
the ear and neck. Good imagination. Good
physical condition although you could suffer
weak breathing. You Love literature and the
arts and traveling. You dislike being at home.
Restless. You will not have many children when
you are older. You are hardworking and high
spirited. A spendthrift.

what does your birthday month say about you?(for girls!)
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hey guys!!!
i am so bored. i got up around 9:30 at night so now i cant sleep and i've been on the internet since i got up. see i didn't get hom til 1:30 in the afternoon from my friends part last night. It was so cool. It was a great party. I got drunk and just hung out at my friend lorries house all night. WE didn't sleep at all. So i was really tired and as soon as i got home i went to sleep. Well i'll ttyl. Love ya and peace out pplz!!!!!
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Sunday, August 28, 2005

   i liked this one!!!!

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!

Created by -ambiguous and taken 74116 times on Bzoink

What is your favorite..
gumwinter fresh
restaurantoutback steak house
type of weathercool
thing to do on a half daysleep
late-night activityhang with friends
storehot topic
When was the last time you..
cried2 days ago
played a sporta week ago
hugged someoneyesturday
kissed someoneyesturday
felt depressedumm.....a bout a week ago
felt elatedi dont know
felt overworkedyesturday
faked sickin the middle of the school year
What was the last..
word you saidyou
thing you ateicecream
song you listened tothe click five
thing you drankdiet coke
place you went toto my friend lorries
movie you sawthe fantastic 4
movie you rentedwedding date
concert you attendedlola ray
Who was the last person you..
huggedmy mom
cried overdoug
danced withlorrie
shared a secret withlorrie
had a sleepover withlorrie
went to a movie withlorrie and roberto
sawmy sis
were angry withmy dad
couldn't take your eyes off ofian
obsessed overian
Have you ever..
danced in the rainyes
kissed someoneyes
done drugsyes
drank alcoholyes
slept aroundyes
partied 'til the sun came upyes
had a movie marathonno
gone too far on a dareno
spun until you were immensely dizzyyes
taken a survey quite like this beforeyes

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   i love it

A bit of everything

Created by mamasmurf and taken 949 times on Bzoink

Hair colorblonde
Eye colorhazel
Zodiac signgemini
Person your named aftermy grandmother
People you live withmom, dad, sis
Colorblue,black, purple,and red
Bandthe used, my chem, linkin park, 3 days grace, and lots more
TV Showsimpsons,thats 70s show,trl,inuyasha,dnangel,samuri chamlpoon,athf,and lots more
Video Gamedont play them
Movieharry potter, lord of the rings, the ring,the grudge, and more
Foodpizza,taco bell, tacos,fries,icecream,lots more
Room in the housemy bedroom
Cuss Worddont no
Animaldogs and tigers
Sportvolleyball nad soccer
Pizza Toppingpeperoni and cheese
Shampoodont care as long as it smells good
Hairspraydont use
CDall ot my cds
Gumwinter fresh
Resturantoutback steak house
Late night activityhanging with friends
Song Cut Up Angel By: The Used
Starbucks beveragedont no i like to many
Are you for or Against...
Drunk Drivingagainst
Legalizing Drugsagainst
Death Penaltydepends what they did
Illegal immigrantsagainst
Premarital sexfor
Hippiesdonr care
Porndont care
Clothes on dogsdont care
School Uniformsagainst
Public Schoolsfor
Gay Marragefor
Interracial Relationshipsdont care
Arranged Marriagesagainst
Republicansdont care
Gun controlagainst
Organic Farmingdont no
Affirmative actiondont no
Britney SpearsAGAINST!!!!!!!!!
Chuck Taylor'sfor
Genetically Modified cropsdont no
Tommy Hilfigerfor
The Atkins Dietfor
Victoria's Secret modelsfor
The funny onemartin, lorrie, cheese, and johnny
The weird onedoug, tyler, and kole
The dumbassme, lorrie, and kole
The nerdkate and julia srry hun
The rockerme, lorrie, julia, and roberto and jessica
The crazy oneme, lorrie, kole, jessica,and johnny
The drama Queenkate
The athletemartin and lorrie
The writerme, lizette
The poetme,lizette and roberto
The shy onejulia
The prepno one
The prom queennone
The rebelme, lorrie, julia,amanda,and jessica
The druggieme, lorrie, cheese,and johnny ooh and kole
This or That
Jello or Puddingpudding
AIM or MSNaim
hotmail or yahooyahoo
Carpet or hardwoodcarpet
Cats or Dogsdogs
Fish or micedont like either
Wine or beerbeer
Abercrombie or Hot Topichot topic
Cake or piecake
Kisses or hugsboth
Golf or Pokerpoker
Shower or bathbath
Kinky or notlike both
Independent Films or Big Company Filmsdont care
Spoons or Forksforks
Do you...
Drink diet popyes
Eat a lot of junk foodyes
Watch soap oprasyes
Watch CSIyes
Wear make upyes
Take napsyes
Own a cell phoneno
Have a jobno
When was the last time you
Had sexnever
Went to the mallyesturday
Ateright now
Went into a chat rooma month ago
Drank alcohola month ago
Went bowlinga year ago
Had a sleep overyesturday
Got arrestednever
Watched a porna long time ago
Stared in a pornnever
Went to the moviesa week ago
Told someone a secretyesturday
Gave someone a giftyesturday
Had a gift given to youon my b-day
Brushed your teeththis morning
Died your hairon my b-day
Gave advice2 days ago
Word Association
Ice Cubecold
Pinkthrow up
Spiderget scared

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