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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh my Gackt!! O.o
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Friday, December 26, 2008

....It's been a pretty long time....
Since I've updated on MyO. I dont even update on TheO. anymore unless something interesting happens ^^ I've been pretty lazy these day
So how was your Christmas?
Mine was alright even though we didnt open any present but we did went to putt putt with my sister to celebrate Takkun's birthday we decided not to go ice skating bcuz Takkun was running a fever and my sister was wearing a skirt O.o Well that's pratically it I see you guys around bai ^^

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Monday, November 10, 2008

i'm planning on running away somewhere long
and far somewhere I dont have to see my mom,
I love my mom dearly but lately she's
been not-quite-herself and I cant take it
anymore my mom use to be my hero but now
she's less than a f-ing! zero, if she wanted us to
be good daughters she didnt need to go and do the
things she told us NOT to do, sometimes
I just want to tell her how I feel but it'll
break her already shatter heart, so I figure
maybe if she dont know where i'll be for at least
one month everything will be back to "normal" or
maybe everything is better when i'm gone ....
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hey, hey how is you all?
Me? Good, good ^^ How was your Halloween?
Mine well let see ... After school I went shopping with my mom and my brother :3 we didnt got home until 7pm my mom then went to her friend house as the kids went trick-or-treating I then went off with some friend to a cemetery to summon up dead spirits ... XD Just kidding just kidding! ^^ LOL
No no I stayed up and got into a argument with some neighbor and stuff I stayed inside my house blaring my music and stuff oh I even gave out candy this year I've always wanted to do that ^^ ah well I apologize for not commenting any ones site I've been pretty P.O at this site for quite some time...

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm so excited today! The day went by so quickly and easily since my Latin teacher wasnt here ^^ and guess what?! Someone finally call me bye my real! Name! Oh I'm so happy! ^____^

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Sorry I have to do homework dammit! >.<

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

OMG! October is going by so quickly dont you think?? The last day I remember was the 5th ... I dont know why but that's the last day I ever remember and now we're already on the 19 =X ... So who's going trick-or-treating? and who's staying home mixing potions? ^^

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halloween Pictures, Images and Photos

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Four day weekend =O it went by so quick I havent
had any rest, on Friday I had to call in, in some
kind of program Saturday I watch my niece and
nephew they stayed the night till Sunday I only
got slept every hour >.> and when they went home
I went outside to watch my brother and his
friends flip then got online etc, watch D. Gray
Man on my PSP ^^ it's a awesome anime! oh yeah
dont you all think a my four day weekend went by
very quickly?
P.S I apologize for not commenting
on anyone's site as you can see
I've been pretty busy

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Sorry No Picture of the Day

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Howdy! ^^ Today was a boring-some-what-day
this morning got to school late and I
saw someone that I thought dont exist anymore
^^ it was awesome! well today was a
Science Benchmark it lasted till 5th
period and 5th period is cold like Alaska
well there was only 12 of us in
the class this time the others are
in ISS or suspended *sigh* then lunch
then 6 and 7 period got home and
took my mom off to her neighbor so she
can go to work later on she called
saying she lost her keys we had to
look for it etc etc oh yea it
sucked and tomorrow our school is taking
the Math Benchmark oh finally got
my progress report i'm failing 3 classes
=O not really surprise but my eldest
sister was ^^ she thonked me in the head
for it I guess this is all how have
you all been? ^^ well enjoy the rest
of your day bai bai now! ^^
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Sorry none today my mouse broke so it's really hard
to work with the computer

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Freaky day
What a day! Yesterday I think no...Well today
I woke to get ready for school this time
I was what 2minutes late I think and it
was lock out day and stuff I could've gotten
suspended for not wearing a collar shirt but who
the hell would want to wear a collar shirt
not every single female student in my school even
wear collar shirt >.> well I was late for
first period but my teach didnt send me
to lock out ^^ second period I found
out that I was failing WTF? but who
care I know I don't third period all
we did was take notes fourth period my
latin teacher kept on calling me Kim that's not
even any where close to my name but I've
been called by weirder names before so I didnt
mind ^^ fifth period was finally interesting for
the first time ever!! So here's how it began...
We had to take a vocabulary quiz over some
stupid book that were reading called: The Crucible well as
I was finishing up my quiz. The teach came
over to this guy that was sleeping why?
because he got his quiz done already but he
didnt do all of it so the teach told
him to finish and stuff but the dude didnt
know the answers but the teach kept on
talking and talking about B.S. so the guy got
real piss off and said man your really starting
to piss me off honestly I've been holding it
in for quiet some time now but your really pushing my buttons, the teach then walked to his podium and write and infraction on the dude
just for saying that as the dude head out
of the room the monitor was already there to
take him to the office well the guy slide
with his right hand and on the podium and
all the papers on it flew to the ground
whooo! well he then push the book on the
shelf off of it and now the books was
on the ground *claps* he then with on hand
threw the bookshelf down and all the books that
was in it dropped to the ground and that
was when the class went crazy yea! and for
the final finale he pick the trash can up
and threw it across the room *runs in circle*
what-a-day dont you think so? ^^ well
that all I got for now till then
bai bai!
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Sorry none today my mouse broke so it's really hard
to work with the computer

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

What a day
Hello ^^ I had a good day today even though
it didn't went as what I planned it would be,
yesterday I went to the mall with my family -.-
we went to Dick's to buy my brother some
football equipments it tooked hours when he was
finished my mom wanted to go to the food
court to buy something to drink she dragged
my 2 brothers along as me and sister went to
Barnes and Noble so I can buy the mangas I wanted
^^ as we walked were
finishing we walked out in
saw our mom looking for my brothers they were
gone you know all these crazy nonsense and stuff
but we found them my brother he went the other way
around and stuff and got lost in a
mall that we always go
to -.- well afterwards we went to pick up Hatchi
she played guitar
hero with Takkun and etc, etc, well that's all I
updated today
because the storm might take out our electricity
well then bai bai now!
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Sorry none today my mouse broke so it's really hard
to work with the computer

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