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Friday, October 1, 2004

   MY NEW SITE!!!!^^
Hey everyone!! I just started to make my first web-site!^^ its going along pretty good!^^ lol but i cant get to tmaking the GB and other kool stuff until ive had my site for 7 days@_@ but thts k lol ill wait!^^ lol If n e one has kool ideas of what i should put on it pls PM or E-mail me!^^ Oh!! and if theres n e one tht knows alot bout HTML tht would b willing to teach/help me it would b greatly appreciated if you would cus im not exactly the best @ HTML lol so if ure interested just PM or E-mail me!^^ thnx!!!

Anyways...lol...last night i found out an ausome thing from my freind ((but b4 i tell u what it was i must explain to u this...at my skool we have pre-k through 8th and there are two classes for each grade lol ))ok...so..beacsue of the last hurricane one of my classrooms ((it so happens to be my homeroom classroom ^^)) got damaged so..they decided to combine the 2 8th grades!!^^ ((doesnt sound like much but all my good freinds are in the other class and im never in any of their classes lol so its a pretty big deal to me!^^)) so..yea...lol well...today went slow and uneventfull cept for the fact tht my toilet overflooded this moning O.o it was so nasty@_@ lol and of course the fact tht i made my new site ((wich btw is gonna b reachable on the site category on the bar to the left lol )) and ....yea... lol im really bored right now cus i dont have pwr ceot for the generator and theres like nothing to do lol i was SOOO bored yesturday i started my Poke'mon Sapphire game all over and im only training water pokemon now =P ((yes desperate as well as random ...i kno lol)) and im pretty far lol i wann get the pokemon fire red and/or leaf green they look kool!^^ specially cus its wireless.....OUCH!! **smakc neck** -_______- great..thts all i need...skeeters are attacking me now ugh this is getting soooo freakin old!!! AHH! IMMA GO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.o lol ****takes deep breath**** i think im good now lol ....im bored....((btw))...lol Oh! and ((this is random too but im bored lol)) today at round 2:00 i was bored ((what else is new)) and sometimes when im bored i eat lol ((wich is weird cus i wiegh less than 90lbsO.o lol)) and i couldnt find N E THING i wanted to eat so i ate Vienna Sausages from those little cans -.- they were good yet ......disturbingly weird tasting lol now im just rambling =P well i guess ill stopthe rambling no lol i guess ill try and unored myself lol c ya all later!!!^^ BYE!!!!!^^=P

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