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Friday, December 30, 2005

   Pretear and RahXephon ^-^
Hello! I'm posting about Pretear and RahXephon the anime (the manga and anime for pretear ^-^)

Pretear is a Snow white remake in a way...*puts her fingers on her chin* I mean..i love the anime and the manga is really good, but if you like anime, stick with it, and if you like manga then read the manga, enough said! ^-^ (5 outta 5)

RahXephon..god i love this series...the manga looks odd so i might get the first one, but i don't want to ruin the rest of the anime, or something...*smiles* its so good pick it up and watch it! >_< (5 outta 5)

I'll be posting Pretear and RahXephon songs up soon, RahXephon is done by BONES! who made Wolf's Rain both anime and manga, manga for RahXephon is done by VIZ who did Inuyasha!!!!!!!!!! *glomps* enough said for today! bye!

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