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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Music: Rakuen_Do As Infinity

Yes it's 2:02 am right now. And I am eating chocolate ice cream. (It's my mother's fault)

Yesterday my mother and I went to the store and bought paint because after half a year we finally painted the inside of the house (Already did the outside) I did work in the beginning but I got tired so I fell asleep on a rug. (I didn't want to dirty furniture with white paint) Rugs are pretty soft actually..

Oh yeah. My watch died. After two long years it just beeped and the screen went blank. T_T I kept in on my wrist two days after it died and after buying paint my mom took me to target to find a watch, I was PERFECTLY FINE with buying a 10 dollar plastic watch like my old one but NO. I had to get a timex. A stupid 50 dollar timex!

Well... she did buy me a doughnut afterwards..

But I just miss my old watch. And she yelled at me because I had the new watch on while painting. (I'm used to having my watch on all the time. If not, it gets.. misplaced >>;)

Then my grandfather had to yell at us about not painting the right way. He was the one who wanted us to paint. And he wouldn't paint with us, so he settled with yelling at us until we got him to stay in his room.

Then he starts yelling at me after my nap on the rug. Which was not very good, because I'm cranky when I wake up. VERY very cranky. Yelling didn't help my mood and I went to my room and to another ,longer nap. Woke up and spent my time on the computer. (Solitaire, Bejeweled, DeviantArt, teaching mom how to play freecell on her new computer while snaking on small dark chocolate ice cream mini bars.)

And now I think I should go to bed. I've missed you and I'm trying to visit more often but I have summer reading to do before Monday. (FYI if you didn't know, my summer was eaten up by geometry classes and that's why I couldn't read any books. Except for maybe breaking dawn.) And I need to register for more dance classes... Hmm..

Well I got my grades back for geometry. A for Geo1 and B for Geo2. ^^

I also got my star test back. I scored really high in English.. which kinda weirded me out (English was never my best subject..) I aced algebra. xD

Well I think that all I can think of right now.. I need more chocolate.. Well g'bye. :) Love you all.


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