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Monday, March 17, 2008


I've been away since version vibrant came up. Eh I apologize!!!!! *hugs* Miss ya but I've been kinda busy lately. Right now I'm kinda tired because I started the day switching from reading to washing dishes and I had stayed up until 2AM the day before (Saturday) Partly because of Death note and partly because I wanted to see chapter one of Midnight sun because I re-read Twilight New moon and eclipse in the last few days. Today I finished wuthering heights. It took me exactly a week (From last sunday to this sunday) It was good and now I'm renting the DVD as soon as I can. Fruits Basket 19 is coming out the day after St Patrick's day which is today!! Remember to wear green or else someone'll pinch ya. ^^ Again Gomen for not being here. Essays, letters, deadlines, plays(I saw my school production of Beauty and the beast really good) tests summer jobs (Thank you..mother..more applications) homework..me trying to read every book in the world and not being able to catch up..until now since EVERY BOOK I've read has a SEQUEL that I have to wait years or MONTHS FOR *steaming* Oh..and chores and orchestra and dance and physical testing week for a school that doesn't have sports. I forgot how to do the girl push-up and got stopped at 15. Dumb weird girl push-ups. I didn't feel like doing the normal ones. But I did 200 sit-ups. ^^ Ran a mile(I ran the same pace as my friend the whole time) I painted this weekend so I could test out my new(ANd not cheap) paintbrushes. Took pictures too. Did math homework and I am exhausted but I need to write over 50 thank you letters for my orchestra(All the same letter just printed with different names..don't worry) and an essay revision. Mom has Jury duty. I have a hair appointment this wednesday. *I get out early too!! ^^* I have three more books to read before I have finished every book I've bought. (I like to read one book and start another in the middle...bad habit) my old ipod is working again and I am elated! I'm planning on buying an ipod nano for my mom's birthday (I'm in a very good mood) but that's not till may. This month is my best friend ashley M's birthday (We use last initials to differentiate) I just got an invitation to her bowling party. I usually miss it because I forget what day it is. But last time I saw her I put the date in my ical on the macbook. Um I'm jumbling last week today and the weekend with random stuff. I need to stop typing. ^^;; Oh wait I didn't tell you that I was dared not to eat chocolate for a week and I did it!!!!

Inu: O_O

Everyone: 'O'

Yes I did it!! I should've bet money. Chocolate is wonderful and a part of my life. T_T and I gave it up for a whole week. But I did have some things I don't usually get to have. A glazed doughnut and gummy candy(I'm not a candy person and doughnuts I might get once a year..if I'm lucky) Oh I watched Howl's Moving castle or at least the hour after it started. I also had japanese food and cut myself with my sandals.

Inu: -_-

What?!! These beads are dangerous!!! First I cut my finger on my beaded jeans..then my beaded sandals...what is wrong with these tiny plastic things. And the thing is...it doesn't hurt!!! It just feels like a scratch that won't break the skin, you look at it it's fine look at it again it's a little red..and then it's dripping blood and you don't feel it!! and this weekend I was handling sharp knives while washing dishes and while cutting up a fruit salad and I didn't hurt myself then but BEADS?!!

Inu: You could probably cut yourself with only your laptop.

Okay forget that. Today should be pretty normal

Inu: Unless you cut yourself again

Ignore him....Let's move on...


If you were miserable, would you try and make everyone around you miserable?

Do you think you're selfish? Stubborn? Evil?

*Questions caused by Wuthering Heights*

I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!


“The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure is occupation.”
George Bernard Shaw

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Okay..I need sleep before I collapse and scare my family..^^ Bye

SEe ya!!!

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Kag: *grabs him by the ear* That's enough!

Inu: Ow OW

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