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Saturday, October 6, 2007


Hello! Sorry for being away for two days. I'll explain why I was gone later. I have an orchetra retreat to go to all weekend so I won't be back here till my birthday(Monday) I'll see you all later. *Hugs and Kisses* XOXOXO

Inu: That means the same thing. Take one out.

I don't wanna! XP

Inu: Be that way.

I will!


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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

   Charlie's Angels come on..

Listening to: Independent Woman Part I_Destiny's Child


French. I have a test on Thursday(Jeudi)Algebra. I have test..on some day. English. Teacher wasn't there and I was dressed formally(Red suit with black halter top thing) Lunch. Turned in Concert Report. Went through solos. We have to play a solo every 6 weeks and if we get lower than a C we get kicked out of our art and have to re-audition. I got a B+. ^^

Went home. Got ready to do homework. Fell asleep on the couch until 8PM. Had dinner. Mom is now cleaning up my room. She went in to find my ipod and now she's organizing my manga collection(She organized it like a bookstore display) And right now I'm working on my art homework(Drawing heads 3/4 view)

Current Book: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

So far I've read about feet binding...*shudders*


School. Piano. Blah.


From sesshoumaruluvr47: you have had those dreams,mine were falling in mid-air,let me tell you soemthing about those kinds of dreams,listne carefully,
"if you fall before you wake,you will die,in real time"

That's a depressing thought. But I haven't had those dreams in a while. (It's moved on to having movie/t.v./Music/Or spider themes)

Also yesterday a friend read my palm. Apparently I am fire. o_O I also got a lot of compliments on my suit. ^^ Even from the lady bus driver. She gave me advice. Stay in school, Stay away from boys, and you will go far. Hehe..


Do you like spagetti?

How old were you when you had your first girlfriend/Boyfriend?

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O_O Mom just found the remote control for the living room t.v. in my room. >>; Me and gramps accidently do that sometimes(Take controls into our rooms)

Pic of the Day

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Have a nice Wednesday!!(Mercredi) Also have a new fanart(Inuyasha as a girl hehe)


Apparently my room is a toxic waste dump to my mom. >>;

Listening to: Apple Pie La mode

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

   I admit that in the past I've been a nasty...

Listening to: Poor Unfortunate Souls_Little Mermaid Soundtrack


School. (Physics, French, Art) Waited for an hour and 30 minutes after school for my viola lesson with my new teacher. He's nice and he's from my orchestra. He is also an architect(He designs stages) Had a snack and talked to my friends for thirty minutes. After that I went to orchestra(That is now practicing at my school) Mom picked me my friend and her brother up. We dropped them off. I asked mom if she would take me to a concert in downtown san francisco in ten minutes. She said no. Hehe..that was my bad.hehe..heh..>>;

Inu: Late..as usual.

Went home. Had spagetti. Watched Heroes. Nagged about invitations. Mom got really irritable. I got irritated by her irritability. I went to my room while swinging my ipod on my headphone's cord(I need to stop doing that). It flung off somewhere in my black hole of a closet. I can't find it even when I get on my knees. Oh well..it'll turn up.

Inu: Yeah...5 years later like that harry potter book. Or not at all like that gameboy advanced SP or something. Don't you clean your room.

I clean as much as I can without seeing a spider.

Inu: That means you don't clean. Alright.





From SessLover18: Oooh...a b-day party, can I come? But that means you have to pay my airport ticket!

Hm...that depends. Where do you live(State wise)?

From CosmicSailor: A bit of trivia about October Birthdays, the birthstone is the opal, and it's bad luck for anyone not born in October to wear one.

Never heard that before but I wear an opal every day. My grandmother got it for me before she died. It's a golden cross with the opal in the middle.

From LS: I can't say that I've ever stabbed myself with a fork or something resembling a fork. I can imagine it being painful though.

Actually, it didn't hurt much at all. It was like a paper cut. A stubbed toe hurts more. *rubs hand* It hurts a little bit now if I press down hard on it.

Inu: Then don't do that!

From sora kairi 4ever: i've only stabbed myself with a pencil, scissors, blunt objects, my cats, and a nail....just regular things^^'

You can stab yourself with a cat? o_O I stabbed myself in the knee with a pencil in the 4th grade. I was wearing stockings so the blood dried it to my knee. Scissors..I've never hurt myself with.

Inu: That's a shock...

Cats scratch me. I think they enjoy that a lot. >>; (*Has a small gradge against cats*) They also make me sneeze..well at least one cat I know of makes me sneeze. A nail...hmm...I don't think so. But once when I was helping gramps build a treadmill(Forced to stop homework to help him..>>;) Some sharp metal thing with the whole treadmill attached to it fell on my thumb(Stabbed) It bled quite a lot. Gramps said to rinse the blood off shake it off and to not be a wimp about it..(I think I was 8 years old..) Oh once I scraped my knee against concrete(The rocky kind at my old school) And when I was playing kickball for P.E. I was on 1st base and the guy batting ran into me.(He missed the base...) I was face forward on concrete while he was on top of me.

Inu: And you remeber all this?

When I was 3 years old I fell off a tire swing and landed face first in sand.

Inu: Hello??

I happen to remeber all of my most physically painful memories. Don't remeber anything else though...o-o


I also use to have these reoccuring dreams of falling off a fifty foot escalator in the mall and always woke up before hitting the floor. (I was dizzy from the feeling of falling down) Usually I ended up on the floor from those dreams..

Inu:...I think we've heard enough...

Kay. ^^


What's the worst wound you've ever gotten?(Broken or fractured bones count)

Do you like the new theme? (It was a rush job cause I forgot it was a new month..>>)

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Have a nice tuesday and wish me luck on my report, Essay, and solo piece. Thanks. ^^


Listening to: Girlfriend_Avril Lavigne

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Monday, October 1, 2007

   All he knows...

Listening to: Jig_Alan Menken_From the Little Mermaid Soundtrack

Hello peo- friends! ^^

Inu: Oh, nice save.

XP *is knocked in the head by mom* Arg! I'll do the invites. Calm down! ><


Sunday: Church after much prodding and poking me out of bed. Borders. Mall--->Hot Topic. Got 4 manga and a shojo beat magazine. Bought a corset type shirt and shoes. Had my first double chocolate frappichino. It was good. Went home and read my manga. Worked on my art homework(Drawing someone in profile) And started making out my party invitations.

Inu: You're having a party?


Inu: Why?


Inu: 'Cause what?!

My birthday. Duh.

Inu: How was I supposed to know?!

You think any guardian of mine would let me have a 'no reason' party? Heh. Yeah right. Anyway after that gramps got me out of his seat at the table(Which is infront of the computer) I was my room reading until dinner. Mom nagged me to wash the dishes. I washed the dishes. While I washed the dishes I stabbed myself with a fork..thingy.

Everyone: *raised eyebrows*

On accident! Mom saw me washing and singing and she thought I was singing in to the fork even though I was looking at my hand.

Inu: Did you stab yourself with a knife?


Inu: You can stab yourself with a fork and not a knife..amazing.


Inu: You were holding the knives by the blade and flipping them!!


Inu: You..moron.

I don't believe I was just called a moron by an arrogant, insensitive, oblivious, jerky, imbecile. Shut up.


I relaxed all day. T.V. then computer. And back and forth. Saw fanarts of disney princes and had an urge to watch disney movies. Half the princes don't have names and I wanted to see if they were mentioned in the movie. I ended up unearthing so many videos(I have over 100 stuffed in my closet) Aladdin. Aladdin and the king of theives. Toy Story. Toy story two. Peter pan 2. Cinderella. Cinderella two. Sleeping beauty. Lion king. Lion king 2. Beauty and the beast. Pochahontas. Pochahontas 2. The little mermaid. The little mermaid two. Oliver and company. The aristocats. Um...Mary Poppins...Princess Diaries. Can't think of anymore off the top of my head.

Inu: I can't believe you remebered that many.

But I know I'm missing some! Snow White! Alice in Wonderland! Dumbo!

Inu: Yes you are.

Shut UP! I can only think that they're still at my dad's house. But he moved twice..so he might have..great. I have to re-buy movies.

Inu: Do you know what you were talking about before?

It's related to cartoons right?

Inu: *anime fall*

I was kidding...Um I decided to watch pochahontas since I couldn't find snow white. I love that movie. :3 Went to bed at 4AM.

Friday: School. Home. Fell asleep. Got ready for cruise a little late. Traffic. A lot of luck. Got to boat on time. Only one I knew there was my art teacher. (There were no freshmen -_-) And most people were in visual arts. But I had fun nonetheless. There was food. (Fruit veggies bread chicken cookies drinks) Dancing: (Spinning lights in different colors like a club) Pretty view(It was an almost full moon! And I remebered my camera! XD) Someone lent me a scarf when I was up on deck because I looked cold. *Is grateful for that* Neck could've frozen off. I was dressed kind of formally. (Most were wearing jeans: Me: Long skirt expensive sweater and shirt. Winter coat. -_-) My skirt kept blowing up from the wind. Either way it was nice. (made about ten new friends ^^) Went home. Watched a movie while finishing re-reading eclipse. (For the third time)


School. First viola lesson with new teacher. First session of Orchestra.


From Knight Edge: You were a model for your art class? Now that sounds interesting if you ask me, so what kind of modeling did you do?

I had to sit really really still while facing forward. It was sort of boring and hard since..it's impossible for me to sit still without being sleep. *foot is tapping**stops**left foot starts tapping* Dumb feet. >>;

From sesshoumaruluver47: hope you did okay on yur test,don wanna jinx tho so i won metion again.

My test was a middle F But most people got that grade...>>

SessLover18: when it's really cold for me, I get tired and sleepy so bad lol!

I can't sleep in the cold. That usually the only thing that can wake me up.>>

Yesterday I finished two manga series. (Full Moon and Beauty is the Beast) O_O I just realized..I didn't get the last manga of rurouni Kenshin! Ugh! *lowers head* Oh I got La Corda d'Oro in the mail though. ^_^

Also someone from the committee of the San Francisco Youth Orchetra(That turned me down) Is willing to coach me. ^^ My first reaction was.."Are they Insane?" Though I was half awake when I said it...


1) If someone you loved (Not like a parent or friend you've found your other half kind of love) had died before you could tell them, would you block your heart to anyone else who loved you?

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Pic of the Day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hope you all have a nice Monday. ^^

Inu: *cough* I hope you die *cough*

Random voices: Jerk!

Fool! Idiot!


Sit boy!


*everyone takes turns giving Inuyasha lumps on the head*

Hehe >_>


Listening to: Get Up_Ciara

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Friday, September 28, 2007

   Nothing is real...

Listening to: Strawberry Fields Forever_Jim Sturgess


French class. Art class. I was a model(People had to draw me) Now I have to draw someone in profile. English. Lunch. Survey class(Music History) Orchestra. Got my essay back. Need to revise(I got a C+) Went home. Worked on fanart. It was cold outside.

Inu: It's your fault for complaining about the heat..

XP Had dance class. Came home and had a large pizza(They ran out of medium so they gave us large for the same price again) That's all.


I believe I'm getting a test back in physics. Algebra. English.


When do you feel saddest?


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstein

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Oh right..going on a cruise tonight with Italian students. And that's why I can't go to the symphony because they're at the same time...Well have a nice day bye.


Listening to: Sayuri's Theme/End Credits_Memoirs of a Geisha Soundtrack

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

   Last nights dream..

Listening to: Insomniatic_Aly & AJ


School. Physics test. Worked on self portrait. Math class. Lunch and listened to a jazz band practice. They were good(Guitar, bass, drums, etc.) With the left over time I went to see my friend practice(He brought in his guitar) I got to play it for a little bit. Had our theory class. Piano. I'm getting better. The only hard thing is playing with both hands at the same time. my left hand won't listen to my brain. If I focus on the left hand my right hand stops, and vice versa. Blaah.

Went home. Was on the computer and tried getting through commenting but after three sites I was exhausted. It was an unusually hot day. Flip flop and beach kind of weather. Which is amazing..but either way when I attepmted to go to sleep on the floor I knew I needed to go to sleep. I told myself five minutes. I slept from about 4:30PM to 7:50. Dumb heat making me tired...Had dinner and watched t.v. Gossip girl series is now a new show. I'm almost finished with Rurouni Kenshin. One more manga and I'm done. Longest manga series I've had so far.(Death note;12, Chobits;8, Beauty is the Beast;5)



French. Art. English we might get our essays back.


What do you procrastinate most on?(Practicing something, Essays, any form of work, etc.)


“By the Way of the warrior is meant death. The Way of the warrior is death. This means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death. It means nothing more than this. It means to see things through, being resolved.” Yamamoto Tsunetomo


Good news. I got my audition results from Monday. I got in camerata!!

Inu: And this is a good thing?

It's the highest level of the orchestra! It's a very good thing. And I've only been on the viola 1 year. I couldn't get in camerata on the violin when I played it for ten years. Yay!

Inu: You done?


From sesshoumaruluver47: uh...what manga did you get?

Rurouni Kenshin. ^^

From SessLover18: I want to be busy...and yet looking for a job is a pain in the ash-tray...

Mom wants me to get a job..>>; Though I'm too young(Yay xD) But she keeps asking people from Hot Topic, Starbucks, and Borders/Barnes & Noble how old you have to be. I have two more years. xD Busy is no fun. It eats up my art time. T_T

From LS: The 13th year... hmm... I think I've seen that. If it's a about mermaid guy or something, yeah.

Yep that's the one.

From Talim-of the wind: I LOVE soft pretzels!!!

The double chocolate frappuchinos are TO DIE FOR!!!!

I have no Idea if I should try it. Some people don't like it and others do. Maybe I'll stick to the hot chocolate..>>

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Pic of the day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well I hope you all have a wonderful day! Um..here..Have a free cookie! ^_^


Listening to: Going Under_Evanescence

Ah don't leave yet! I just realized. I forgot my otaku anniversary. O_O

Inu:..Yeah you have a knack for that kind of thing.

It was on the 15th of this month.

Inu: Mmhmm. You're only 11 days late.

Hey that was also the anniversary of my grandmother's death. Didn't notice that before either..

I've been on Myo for a year now. Yay! ^^ That's the longest I've ever been on one site...ever. Cool. Um bye now.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

   One Day..One Dream..

Listening to: One Day One Dream

Sorry for being away for the whole weekend and two days of the week. ^^; I'll explain. On the weekend I didn't feel like posting. Monday my art teacher came back from Italy. I also had an audition for my orchestra. Tuesday I had an essay due. (summary version)

Friday through Sunday

Friday there was a table talking about vegetarians and vegans. With free food(Fruit Vegetables, cookies) Me and my friends got stickers. Mine says "Be a bunny's honey" Do people still eat bunny? o_O

Inu: *shrugs*

I got a magazine filled with famous people who are vegetarians. It says Peta on the front I think. It says meat is bad but I don't think I can stop eating it now(Steak and pork lover)

Saturday. I was home all day. Mom went to see Sweeney Todd. If it's a book I wanna read it. It's a murder story..(I've been lacking in murder mysteries, too busy with vampire related things) Sunday went to church. Went to the mall. (Got manga and a big soft pretzel) Washed the dishes practiced my viola and did homework. (Not in that order but it was done)


School. It ended at two and I had to stay until my orchestra audition which was at five. I spent time with my friends. Tried scrounging up money for a small pizza. (The guy took pity on us and gave us a free drink) I just got starbucks. I'm thinking of trying a frappichino(Double chocolate :3) one day in the near future...maybe.

After that I pretty much practiced. Saw a friend that's going to a different school. I think my audition went somewhat well. I had dynamics that's what the judges noticed. The hardest thing was sight reading. Curse the ten years of treble cleft. So confusing...@_@ Oh I was assigned to do a self portrait. Face proportions and shading..yeesh.


School. Essay. Tutoring. Orchestra. Italian students are in our classes now. At home read until 7PM. Fell asleep. Woke up to mom and the 13th year on my tv. Had dinner and now I'm here. I was really close to not posting today.

That was the detailed explanation if you care.


Piano. School. Um...I need to wash the dishes.


Name three things that bore you after a few minutes.

Are you a vegetarian? Ever thought of becoming one?


“I'm not a vegetarian, but I eat animals who are”
Groucho Marx

Icon of the day

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Pic of the Day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well buh bye ^^. Oh yeah I sent in two e-cards and they actually got excepted(Sure took long enough) I also have a new fanart of rin. Please check them out if you have time. Have a nice day.


Listening to: I don't love you_MCR

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Friday, September 21, 2007

If I cange my tune to your favorite song would you wrap your arms around me?

Listening to: Would That Make U Love Me_Robin Thicke


Spent time making an outfit and borrowing mom's high heel gray shoes so I could change my mind and wear a camouflage outfit. French. Substitue. Substitute for the substitute. Another substitute. Art class: We are finally drawing the human face. Normal teacher coming back from Italy and will be back Monday. English: Talked about an essay due Tuesday. Did a worksheet. Went to tutoring(Mandantory for english class or grade will go down) Ate lunch in about 4 minutes(Bagel w/cream cheese a fat free cookie and drink) Orchestra. Seating auditions. I got nervous so I think I played a little too fast. I got fourth chair(That's fine with me, I don't like being in the front)

Went home. Argued with gramps because when I told him about my tutoring he started yelling at me and asking if I was ashamed of asking my mother for help(I didn't need help, it was pretty simple, fix run-on sentences) Then said that was why I had to leave school at four(it would be a four o'clock day either way) Gave me a really bad mood so I stormed into my room, tried to get my CD Player to work(Ipod needed charging) Took mother's because mine was being..stupid. Read. Fell asleep. Woke up and went to dance. All during this I didn't notice there was a new car in the garage(Too angry coming home too sleepy leaving home) Mom's mad because 1) Gramps didn't ask her..or take her to see any cars..he just went out and bought it) 2) No automatic doors. 3) No sunroof(She wanted that sunroof) Mom said he did this before(She asked him to fix her brakes, he bought her a dogde) -__-; My mother and myself agree that he is hard headed and stubborn.

Random pic of the moon I took. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Physics. Quiz I think. Math. English.


If someone you thought of as a friend ran up, told you they loved you, and ran away what would you do?


“Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.”

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"If I dug down deep to the bottom could you love me unconditionally? If I sound like you and we laugh the same. Would you mind if I hang around. Would that make you love me more? Would that make you love me more?"


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Thursday, September 20, 2007

   Those that steal are gonna pay..

Listening to: Steppin to the Bad Side


Physics: Substitute. Me: Bored turned hyper. All I remeber is mushrooms, rubix cubes, and scary music. Oh and penguins...

Art: We did..art. No Teacher assistant. Sick. Apparently it was talk like a pirate day. Didn't take too long to annoy my neighbors. Hyperness was gone after 30 minutes.

Math: Bored to yawning tears. I fell asleep during something about intergers and a homer simpson keychain jumping up and down.

Theory/Piano/Sightsinging: Eh..they told us we could come on other days to practice(Didn't mention this before) Teacher will work on getting me a photocopy maybe. Sightsinging: I was nervous. Hmm..I did okay. I couldn't keep rythm because I was focusing on the notes and saying the right things at the right time (Do so fa La Blah...) Got a B-. There was a circle of fifths test. Flats and sharps. *yawn*

Came on and was on the computer all day again. (Hey, it beats sleeping all day long.) *yawn* Um..somewhere in there I ate waffles. Then washed dishes. Talked to mom.. Oh yeah at school someone thought I was emo(Because I wear black..a lot(I don't like jeans because they're either too small or too big and black goes with everything)) But that assupmtion changed once she noticed how..happy and optimistic I am.

Inu: That's what you call it, huh?

Shut up.


Um....School. Hmm...yeah.


If you loved someone and weren't sure if they loved you back what would you do?


“Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.”
Charlie Brown

Icon of the day

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Pic of the Day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Have a nice day all of you. Bye.

Inu: What's with yo-


Inu: -u..*sigh*


Listening to: Going Under_Evanescence

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

   Nothing is easy with eyes closed.....

Listening to: Strawberry Fields Forever


A short day. Wore a business suit. School went by fast. Went home and gramps went to the store. Was on the computer about all day(No homework) Oh yeah I had a test(Math) Real simple.

Mom came home and I had fries and a hamburger and now I'm here. I'm getting so boring. T_T

Inu: You are never boring. You never cease to amuse.

Yeah, I feel much better. Thanks for the pep talk. No viola.


School. Piano test without having any music to practice(Couldn't bring the music home) And singing(Do re mi) I apologize but, shit. I'm done.

Inu: That's the first time you've cursed on the internet since..the second to last time you deleted your post maybe. Never heard you use this one though.



Which would you choose? To live and see your love being bound and sealed away forever and not be able to help, or to die and know that they are miserable without you?


“Pessimist: One who, when he has the choice of two evils, chooses both.”
Oscar Wilde

Icon of the Day

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Pic of the Day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well I hope you have a nice Wednesday. Enjoy your happy lifes. (If they are happy, if they aren't..sorry)

Inu: Are you in a bad mo-

Fuck! I forgot about my stories for a month again! Damn.

Inu: -od. Hm..maybe you should curse more often.


Inu: Now you're just acting like Sesshomaru.

I'm going to go to my room and draw while listening to music. Do whatever you will with yourself.

Inu: Right...

HAHAHA! ^^ That was so weird!

Inu: ?_? What just happ-

All that melancholy attitude was fake. A facade. Get it?

Inu: What's with the vocab today?

This is what happens when I read for over three days...Books usually take a day. What I was reading wasn't even a real book.

Inu: Should'nt you..ya know, post?

OH RIGHT! *hits button* Wait I didn'-


Edit:(Not really) A.J.

Inu: That's it?


Inu: Okay...so what do you wanna do?

I'll cook some ramen?

Inu: Okay I'll boil the water! *races off*

If there's any ramen left after him you can all help yourselves. *directed at people reading who have most likely left by now*

That was long..Okay I'm done..I think...not sure..


Listening to: Strawberry Fields Forever

Inu: You rambled for so long that you ended up going to the same song at the beginning of the post.

Yeah..oh well. Deal with it. They probably would'nt have noticed if I didn't mention it now. Oh and I apologize that I have been slacking off in the (Making buttons for everyone) project. I'll restart that...next week..

Inu: *cough*Year*Cough**Hack*

*hits him on the back*

Inu: Hey! That hurt

Good *Smile*

Inu: You really need to stay away from Sesshomaru.

Why? *pouts*

Inu: Nevermind. I think we should stop.

Why? No one should be here anymore unless they're bored and have nothing more important to do.

Inu: You saying your friend's lifes are boring?

Tedious. Lack of interest. Whatever. And no I wasn't saying that per se just that only someone really bored would be reading this.

Inu: What if you're wrong?

Then I'm wrong.

Inu: You're stubborn and you admitted to possibly being wrong.

Why should I care?

Inu: Pride. Ego. Something.

Eh...Ego? Hm..whatever.

Inu: You're acting weird.

You always say that.

Inu: I mean it this time.

I'm sure you meant it the other times too..

Inu: *shakes me* Snap out of it!

Hehe. You're acting silly.

Inu: You're right we should shut up.


Inu: Yeah.


Inu: Right.


Inu: Yeah?

Please be quiet








...Stop it.

Inu: Why? It's fun......

Ugh! What about your rame-

Inu: Damn! *runs off*

*sigh* -_-;


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