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Saturday, November 19, 2005

   weird things happend at school yesterday....
It was realy weird at school the other day.My friend mandy gave me tony and t.j. a bag of candy and tony got sugar high.So sugar high ill let you know he started dancing during class. Then the teachur put him in the hall and a few minits later the teachure of the class room beside use came and informed us he was dancing in the hall. Thats not even the wierd part.I walked over and got my books and came back to find him tring to eat my back pack. im serious. He was just about to bight it when i stopped him.Then on the bus I sat by t.j. and tony sat infront of use. He started throughing his arm back at us and grabing ennything he could witch just happened to be my hand with he wound up bitting for reasones un knowne. So the true meaning of the story is the next time mandy tries to give tony candy I will personaly hit her on the head and stomp on the cany with my foot.... Hes a mad man I tell you a mad man!Now I think ill go and beg my mom for mangas for chrismas. Later.
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