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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Ok what happened to my what's your true element thingy down there? IT GOT STUCK WITH MY WORNING LABLE! ok im coled down, oh and sorry it looks so stupide.

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Friday, December 3, 2004

Im mad today couse i was finaly going to send in some fan art and my mom told me the scanner broke so im stuck with a hand full of drawing and skeches put no comeputer to put them on. T.T
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Is there another channel that shows InuYasha? Im realy mad about adult swim not showing every epasode and i saw just wondering if enny one iut there new of another channel that showed it. well i got to go. ~inuyashafan1994~
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Friday, November 26, 2004

   my dad
@( )@ ehhehehehe

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

So i was wondering if enny one wached vendread. its a good show but i comes on starz on demand series. well if you do send me a commet saying you do.Well my grabs are slipping. (sighs) i can forget a onorol. Man i only got 1 a and the rest are b's. ok that dosent sound so bad but to me it is. I realy wanted to be in gifted class. I know Iknow its a geeky thing to want but im a book worm and a teachers pet so if you like me you like me if you dont know dont. well i guess im gonna start righting stores but if there bad please tell me and ill inprove them. Well i hope no one minds me being 10. I wish i was older but theres nothing i can do. So i guess im righting to manny post for one day. Well i just lovet to tipe. ^^ Well im home aloun right know cause my parents are out working. and its freasing. My parents are working at making a bisness from skrach and they are all ready starting on there 2 store. Id tell you all the name but that wold tell you were i live so thats my little sicrat. My hands fill like there frosen and im cinda bored so if a wind up righting alout of post thats why.Well im going to go right annother post. ^^ lol bye.
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   Man im sleepy. i stayed up all night. I ceep on falling asleep in class and i think my teachers going to kill me. Man i colnt help but stay up and wack InuYasha. But my mom told me not to that it came on to late. so now i have to wait till the week end to wach it. Man that sucks. -.-. Well i guess its beater then her telling me a cant wach adult swim. That wold be the end of the world. Most of my friends parents tell them they cant wach it and they sneek it on and get in so much troble.Lol well i gues is beater get back to my art bye! (inuyashafan1994)
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