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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just us two
Kouga: Well, it's just me and Fakir now...

Fakir:...I want to sing....



Kouga: We're assigned to write a post and leave. I honestly want to get this done with so I can leave the home for a bit.

Fakir: You don't like me Kouga?

Kouga: Did I ever say I did?

Fakir: ~sigh~ well, we heard back from the girls, they just got back from the theatre where they saw Tim Burton live, they sent us pictures and it looks like Akuma, who is an excellent photographer, was shaking out of her wits.

Kouga: I'm not really surprised the only good picture was the sign.

Fakir: But yes, they did go see Sweeney Todd with a special Tim Burton interview afterwards. Akuma said they couldn't ask him a question because no one saw them raise their hands.


Fakir: Is Tim Burton blind AND deaf? Akuma would have been standing on people's heads and shouting threats and attraction words.

Kouga: Or else, she was frozen stiff

Fakir: True...

Kouga: Well, we better start finishing this post up and leave this...

Fakir: kouga, please sing with me

Kouga: Fakir?

Fakir: Kouga ~puppy dog eyes~

Kouga: ~rolls eyes~ okay

Fakir: YAY ~starts singing a song in German~

Kouga: ...

Fakir: come on Kouga, everyone knows this tune ~continues singing~

Kouga: ... ~smacks Fakir across the face and leaves poor Fakir to his doom~

Fakir: ...waaaah ~rain cloud over his head~


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Friday, January 4, 2008


Ruby:... Akuma... we're only staying there a day... no need to go on this freaken rampage.

Kouga: It's fun watching them act like this, eh Fakir?

Fakir: ~nods~

Akuma: ~up on ceiling~ THE TOOTH BRUSH ISN'T HERE!!!

Ruby: Why would it be? And how in the world did you get up there?

Kouga: If you haven't guessed, Akuma and Ruby planned trip to some town to go see their idol.

Fakir: We didn't want to go, so they said we should update the site tomorrow by our lonesome

Kouga: I believe Akuma is the one wanting to see him the most...

Fakir: She's the fangirl of course

Kouga: Well, nothing special has happened today..


Ruby: I'm afraid we appear to be in quite a rush...

Akuma: So we have to go ~sweat~

All: NAMU!!!


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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Akuma ~mouth full of Yan-Yan~ HELLO

Ruby: Akuma, cover your mouth ~grabs a yan yan stick and puts it in the chocolate dip~

Fakir: ~rolls eyes~

Akuma: We sent Kouga to go get Pocky, but he got confused and got Yan yan instead.

Kouga: They both look the same!

Ruby: You're the most Japanese one here...

Akuma: Nah, he's half Scottish ~stuffs face with Yan Yan~

Rest: ?

Akuma: Have you seen his kilt? It's totally obvious

Rest: ~sweat drop`

Kouga: Ruby, how do you know I'm the most Japanese?

Ruby: Well, Fakir is French and German. I'm Norwegian and Irish. Akuma is Japanese, Welsh, Swedish, and Spanish. You are just Japanese

Kouga: and Scottish

Fakir:... you mean Ruby was telling the truth?

Akuma: DUH, never doubt me ^o^

Ruby: Don't encourage her -.-

Fakir: This was an intresting conversation...

Akuma: Psh...

Kouga: Another game of Okami anyone?

Akuma: THAT'S RIGHT! I need to finish my fifth game of Okami!

All BYE BYE!!!


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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A quick catch up
Akuma: Okay, for our back together post, we will tell you what's happened in our lives since Februrary... yes, it seems such a long time ago since we came on ;o;

Ruby: The whole group has moved to California (whoo!) and somewhat left Wisconsin behind. But we miss it dearly.

Akuma: We are now attending a new school and we are finding new friends each day ^o^

Ruby: We have auditioned for two plays, and we're having a lot of fun in them right now. But, right now, it's Winter Break and we don't wanna go back to school.

Akuma: speaking of the plays... we have to get going on memorizing our lines again..

Ruby: Fine, go get the scripts...


Kouga:...Akuma, just be a good girl and get it

Fakir: ~yawn~ ... I'm heading to bed


Fakir: ~tosses scripts to ruby and akuma~ STUDY

Akuma: ~hides behind book~

Ruby: Akuma, you have to realize once in your life that we have to go back to school and we have to start working again

Akuma: But I don't wanna...

Ruby: I'll take away Fakir and Kouga...

Akuma:... fine...

Ruby: That's a good girl. OH, and continueing while Akuma gets ready to study... We're both trying to find ballet classes just because we started obsessing over Princess Tutu

Fakir: HMPH


Fakir: Why do people call me that?

Akuma: Because the DVD subtitles got almost everyone's names all wrong, zura

Fakir: You think you're Uzura now?

Akuma: No,pyo

Fakir: Ruby... are you sure I'll get used to this?

Kouga: It will take a while... ~sips coffee~

Ruby: I never knew you liked coffee...

Akuma: I never knew you knew what coffee was...

Fakir: What's coffee?

Kouga: I got it from the Magic Fridge

Akuma and Ruby: So it's Ice coffee?

Kouga:... it's hot?

Akuma and Ruby: ~confused~


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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Oh my freaken starclan
Ruby WOW, have we been lazy on the posting and the logging in.

Akuma I kinda want to be back here again.

Fakir ...rawr

Ruby and Akuma: FAKIR ~glomp~

Kouga: O>O...

Akuma: Kouga! How good to see you ^o^

Ruby: So we're all back together again

Akuma: With the introduction of a new friend, Fakir from Princess Tutu

Ruby: Don't get fooled by the cute name, it's a pretty dark show because it's based off so many German and French fairy tails.

Fakir: ~glare~

Akuma: Aww, come on Fakir, don't be a meanie poo-poo head again

Fakir ... You thought I was in love with Rue you wenches

Ruby: B-but you both had black hair, and you both were like the 'evil' characters at the beginning and new the first secret about Mytho

Akuma: Besides, I thought you were in love with Mytho, the way you always went up to him and brushed your fingers through his hair. >.> It kinda creeped me out

Kouga:... well, ~ignores them~ We're going to be back, hopefully, if Akuma ever gets her lazy mind working again

Akuma: HEY!

Kouga: ~ignore~ We're going to be changing the site right now to our own liking. Happy New Year everyone ^o^

Akuma: ~eats Kouga's head~

Kouga: O>O

Ruby: Akuma, you'll spoil your dinner =.=

Fakir: ..uhh... Ruby?

Ruby: You'll get used to it.


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Friday, February 9, 2007

Currently thinking: tear at the darkness; Train Wreck by Sarah McLachlan; Moon's Status: Didn't check ; Time of Post in Wisconsin: 1:14 PM

Ruby: hello

Kouga: hn...

Kisuke: HELLO

Ruby: ... Kisuke?

Kouga: Hat and clogs man? o.o

Kisuke: Yes, I'm here to cover up for Akuma, since her cold has made her sleepy and cuddle up

Kouga: so she called YOU, I'm suppose to be the guy she obsesses over v.v

Ruby: okay... then

Kisuke: HA, why are we fighting over who Akuma loves...

Ruby: uhh guys, i don't really think Akuma wants us talkign about this

Kisuke: Hey wolf, did she tell you that she has my hat and my chibi plushie and a picture of me on her wall, huh

Kouga: hmph, well, mr. i-need-more-sleep-because-there-is-rings-around-my-eyes She has me on her poster

Ruby: And no one cares for me?

Kouga: What did you say Ruby? Something about cameras right?

Ruby:... i hate you SO much


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Monday, February 5, 2007

Currently thinking: really, really sick; A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a little more "Touch Me" by Fall out Boy; Moon's Status: Didn't check ; Time of Post in Wisconsin: 1:30 PM

Akuma: hello

Ruby: hn...

Akuma: eh, we are both a little sick... But we feel better cause of magnus's comment, ;P yay, we are still insane :P

Ruby: okay, we had like twelve hours of sleep because of this stupid germ


Ruby: if you don't know who that is, it's a pet germ that akuma's mother gave us. Since we are obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas, we named it Oogies Boogie.

Akuma: hehe, he's springy

Ruby: okay... then

Akuma: We changed our site to romance, because it's the month of love... YUCK

Ruby: i like the love theme T_T... and btw, we don't have school today

Akuma: thirty or fourty below zero. ~happily nods~ exposed skin will get frost bit after ten minutes

Ruby : XD isn't it delightful

Akuma: yes it is, especially when i asked Kouga to go shovel the snow.

Kouga: ~from outside~ YOU ARE DEAD, AKUMA

Akuma: I love you too, Kouga-kun ^-^


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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Currently thinking: throat, hurts, badly; Song that is Stuck in my Head: believe it or not, Smack That.. AH, my friends were watching mtv the whole time they were here -_-'; Moon's Status: Didn't check ; Time of Post in Wisconsin: 4:45 PM

Akuma: hello

Ruby: hn...

Akuma: What's wrong, Ruby? We are finally back, shouldn't you be happy?

Ruby: Think about it... five hours of sleep ~glares~

Akuma: SO, i'll rest when i'm dead

Ruby: ... you are... so strange

Akuma: Thank you :D

Ruby: Okay, we are back, and soon Kouga will be in the picture

Akuma: maybe, i think i finally got over Kouga

~huge gasp~

Ruby: o.o, did you just say, what i thought you said?

Akuma: sheesh, what's the big deal?

Ruby : ... ~feels Akuma's forehead~ have you feeling better? Have you gone normal?

Akuma: uhhh....

Kouga: Akuma!!!!!!!! you are willingly giving up this sexy bod ~strikes a pose~

Ruby: o.o i didn't need to see that...


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Saturday, February 3, 2007

I am SOOO sorry for the long so long delay in my appearence

I've been busy with school and such, i keep on forgeting i have a life on myotaku. I don't think i can comment on any of your post just yet... so please be patient. I will change my site soon so wait for that too. If any of you remember me

~ Akuma-chan


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Monday, November 6, 2006

Currently thinking: dancing wolf ; Song that is Stuck in my Head: It's De-Lovely by Cole Porter; Moon's Status: Waning; Time of Post in Wisconsin: 11:35 PM

Akuma: hello

Ruby: hn...

Akuma: Keh...

Ruby: Also, we are sorry for not visiting for so long, we've been busy with the play and all...

Akuma: hm...

Ruby: Also, i want to say, that we we'll post at least once a week, our stupid computer still hasn't let us comment on your sites, so don't be mad

Akuma: It's november, and we are changing the theme again, it should be done by tongiht sometime

Ruby: we still can't comment, but we can pm

Akuma: so yeah

Ruby: Hn?

Akuma: sheesh

Ruby : ...~looks at watch and sighs~

Akuma: okay, we are not telling anyone wha the theme is though, until you see it.




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