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Monday, August 7, 2006

Meevers ROCKS! And I love his hair. :3

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Meevs!! :3

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Heya people! Don't really know what to say here. ^^;;; Glad you guys like my new theme! =^-^= Oh, and about the song. One person said that it starts automatically, one said they didn't hear anything at all. =\ So now I'm sorta confused. Oh well. ^^; If you guys wanna here the song, just look for the player in the bigger post box and press play. ^^

Nothing much really happened today. I signed a whole bunch of guestbooks! XD Um yeah. that's enough about that. =] Tomorrow is my sister's school's-erm- "Meet-Your-Teacher Day." I went to her school in 6th grade, so I might come to visit my 6th grade teacher.

Yeah, still nervous about school. ^^;;; It's so close. =] Okay, deep breath in and out. XD Alright, I'm fine. XD

Well, that's all I gotta-oh! I submitted a couple of e-cards today. You guys can check 'em out if ya' want. 'Kay, c'ya!

~InuYasha Fan009~

Currently Listening To: *no music; watching TV*
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