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Friday, September 14, 2007

Meevers ROCKS! And I love his hair. :3

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Meevs!! :3

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Hey people! Yeah. xD

School Life

Yeah, school's going good this week. I don't feel like a loaner anymore like I said, um, in my last ((real)) post. xD Haha It's all good. x]

Ohh, okay. I was sitting in my math class right? I was doing my "warm-up" and stuff like everyone else, and then suddenly this teacher comes in with this girl behind her and she's like: "Hi, can she sit in your class for a while? She's being a brat to me ((and while the teacher's saying all this, the girl's all punching her fist into her palm and has this "tough look" on her face. xD)), so she might be a brat to you." And then suddenly the girl says: "OH! So now your calling me names?! ((and she holds out her arms and stuff, like she's 'implying' "bring it!!" [if that makes sense] xD)) AND THEN the teacher says back: "OH! So you wanna go?! ((she does the same thing with her arms))" And they both go out into the hall and yell at each other for a few seconds. Then the girl sits in our class for a while and then her teacher comes back with a security gaurd. It was funny/weird/freaky. xD

Hmm, let me think of something to type about...

Oh yeah!

Tae Kwon Do

Tournament coming up next Saturday! Whoo! :] I'm excited for this one 'cause I haven't been to a tournament in forever. I missed the last one in May 'cause I was caught up in practice for the state Junior High Track Meet..thing. xD Here's a video of the sparring that went on over there at the tournament that I missed: Tournament May '07

Okay anyways: One of my friends at the Tae Kwon Do school is supposedly leaving for 2 YEARS. Yeah, YEARS. o_o That's a really long time to change your mind about Tae Kwon Do. I don't know what he has to do, but he's leaving for 2 years ((I guess)), which stinks. Now all the classes are gonna' be quiet and stuff. He always brought a little more fun to the classes, which was great. ^ ^ But none of that anymore, for at least 2 years. >_> Knowing him, he'd probably visit once in a while so. xD

Okay, that's all I gotta' say for now. See ya'!

&&..`Inu Fan009 o(^0^)o

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