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Friday, September 7, 2007

Meevers ROCKS! And I love his hair. :3

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Meevs!! :3

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Is Actually Posting

o_O Geez, I'm actually back. xD I SERIOUSLY need to get back in the habit of posting. xD

School Life

School's going good. Crap, I just remembered that I have to do this sketch of a sphere for Art. -_- -ahem- Anyways, yeah. It's going good. 'Cept for the past couple of days I feel like a loaner during lunch. D: Well, everybody has those kind of days, right? Hopefully you get what I'm saying. xD

Eh, I just want to go through the first four hours of school and then go home. xD After my lunch hour, everything's so boring. :P

Two Random Stories

Haha, okay, I was talking to my friend and then suddenly she sees one of her guy friends and runs over to him. And then they hug and then he hugs two of my friends other friends that were with her. And then suddenly he pauses and then he turns to me and gives me a hug. And I hardly know the kid so I'm like: o.o..>_>..'_'..xD;; Yeah, that's something sorta funny that happened.

This story left me feeling like an idiot. D: Well, I walk past one of my old friends from last year. And then I say his name in a "hi" sorta way, if you know what I mean. xD And then he just sits there...comepletely ignoring and continues to eat his lunch. -_-;; And I KNOW he heard me cause I was practically right in front of him. xP That's when I thought: Oh yeah thanks! Way to make me look like an idiot. >_> Ehh, forget him. xD

Meevers :3

xD Yesh, new theme! 'Tis the Meevs! Miyavi! 382! MYV! Whoo! x) Gosh, I love that guy! xD Hope you guys like the new theme.

Okay well thanks to the people who read and commented on my post! =] See you guys later!

&&_`Inu Fan009

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