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Friday, June 29, 2007

Meevers ROCKS! And I love his hair. :3

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Meevs!! :3

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Finally is Posting

Hey people! Sorry I didn't post so often. I just didn't really have anything to post about. =P My Summer's been boring lately. We've been going pretty much no where. Just a few stores here and there, but that's it. No Amusement Parks, Beaches, Zoos, or any other place that you would go to to have fun over the Summer. =\

We were planning to go to Walt Disney World this Summer, but the weather over in Orlando, Florida is baaad. =o= Whyyy?! -sigh- Well, my mom said that we might go there for my Thanksgiving vacation. =]


Wow, this is the first theme that I removed the navigation bar. ^^ And it turned out okay. =D

The theme is YA-YA-YAH!! ^o^ They're one of my favorite singing groups. Anyone else a fan?

Anyways, what do you guys think about the theme? I can understand if you think it's too bright. ^^;;; I might change that later if any of you guys think so. Also tell me if there's anything wrong witht the links! Thanks a bunch!

Well, thanks for reading my post. =] And I WILL visit! o.o;; I will NOT let my laziness overcome me! >] Okay, byee!

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