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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Meevers ROCKS! And I love his hair. :3

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Meevs!! :3

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My Summer So Far

Well, my summer vacation so far has been good. =D Yesterday, I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End! Oh yeah! x] That movie has a lot of unsuspecting events. xD And a few confusing ones. At least in my opinion. And, the ending was kinda confusing. To confusing to be the end of all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. So I'm thinking that they're gonna' do another movie. Which is a VERY good thing! ^^ Anyways...xD

Party! Party!

After that, I went to my friend's going away party since she's moving this summer. Well, it wasn't really a party since she didn't really invite many people. It was just a few friends hanging out really.

But then her 6th grade [now 7th grade] sister invited 3 of her friends. And they tried to push us in the pool. >_> Yeahh, they succeeded in pushing two of us in. One of them was me. I was brought to the edge by one of them and then one of them pushed, which made me step over the edge so I just jumped. I was just like: Whatever. >_> -jumps- xDD Yeahh. xP I was all cold and wet after that, DUH. xD

Haha, that's all! C'ya!

&&_Inu Fan009

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