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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just saying hi all.
I may start updating soon.
How is everyone???
I'm doing petty well.
Went to an anime convention in November, called Youmacon, it was amazing. I may post some pictures. I was CHii from Chobits.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bomb Threat at my school!
We had to wait outside for 20 minutes in the literal, pouring rain. Everyone was soaked.

But a message was written in the girls bathroom. "I'T WELL GO OF AT 11:30." Not only is the person stupid for writing it, but stupid for not being able to write.
SO yeah, it sucked.

And earlier that day I cried in third hour for no particular reason.... That sucked too. XP
I have to reason to cry. I'm happy.
And I have pink eye. >.>
That also sucks. I just had it last week, and I got it again. Blah.
My boyfriend got me a Sasuke shirt. xD It's really hot, but I feel bad. 'Cause I'm not able to repay him. Boo, no fair. It's too big, but oh well, I'll live.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Forgot my password again...
Blah. Changed it to something I know I wont forget this time.

But meh.
I'm really sick. In one day I got a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, aching body, and pink eye in both my eyes. That was Thursay morning. So I didn't go to school then, or Friday. I still got pink eye and a sore throat though. SO annoying. It ruined my weekend plans.

Oh. ^^ In my art class we did this project with oil pastels. We worked on it for 3 weeks. I found it so freakin' hard. I've never worked with color before, and the paper was huge. But I got to know it, and it became pretty easy. But I got an A on it. :joy:
Which is big.
I've had the same art teacher for 3 years, and this is my first A. I put so much effort into this project, and it show. Wewt. It was voted 3rd est in class, and its going to the Scolastic Art Show. <3 yay.
I'll submit it when I get back. It was a self portrait.

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend.
kk buh byess.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

A post!
I forgot my password, and the e-mail I registured under this account. But I got it now.

It's been a real long time though....
How are you all???
I'm great actually!
I got a new boyfriend, his name is Jon. It'll be three weeks this Saturday.
I'm not sure how I fully feel about him though.
And my parents and friends dislike that I'm dating him, 'cause I can do so much better apparently.
Which I think is rude. They're just saying that 'cause he's not good looking. But he's so sweet, and kind.
and yeah.
The Dir En Grey concert I went to was so freaking awesome!!!
I'm on spring break now though. Joy.
Well, I guess nothing else to say.
kk buh byess.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

   Thank You Jon!

Guess what?
I'm going to the Dir En Grey concert this Monday. X3. I can't wait!
It will be awesome.
If any of you guys live in the Detroit area, you should go. it would be worth it. I can't believe my mom is actually letting me go! :joy:
I've been so busy cleaning, working off the money for the ticket though. I'm getting it tomorrow.
And I'm going with my friend Jon and his friend Brandon.
:breaths in:

Ohs, and I gots a cosplay up. It's of Misa from Death Not, and an OC for Naruto. Be jealous of my Death Note. :sarcasm: I tried. ^^ So go see if you want.
And a random moment at lunch with my friends!


Can you guess who I can.
I'm perverted with the Kyo kitty... lol
The one next to me with the glasses is Adam, my ex. >.<
And the dude standing up asking for money is Jon! =D

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

4:30 p.m. February 5th.
The phone rings.
:Hello, this is Mr.Headmark, Roseville High School's principle. This is a call to inform you that there will be no school tomorrow as well, February 6th due to the temperature"

Freakin' score!!!
I love you super cold!.
Second day and a row.
And we haven't even had a snow day in almost 6 years.
I'm counting on you Wednesday! Make it three days off in a row.

I gots my hair cut.
2 inches.
It's layered, which you can't really tell in the back because it has gotten so thin. u.u
And my bangs are cut. Too short though. I said to my nose, but noooo, it's to my eyebrows. Last time I checked the nose is in the middle of the face, not towards the top.
I guess it'll grow.
And Brooke has gotten her a sketch book.
I'm going to be doing a bunch of observational drawing, and maybe shading so I can attempt to improve my drawing skills. I haven't drawn anything good in over 6 months. I blame my art class.

I lost my glasses. I almost freaked, 'cause I really need those to see. I would be screwed for school. But then I found them. They were under the couch from some strange reason...

Okies, buh byess.

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Monday, February 5, 2007

"School Closings For February 5
Roseville District"

WEWT! >=3
I love it.
Thank you cold.
For once you actually came in use.

I wish I stayed up later than I did though. Too bad they didn't notify us earlier.
It's -15 below with windshield. o.o
I hope my ceramics project is fine being in school this long. Better not be ruined. >.<

I'm working on my theme right now. I gotta fix teh BG and get a new icon. It's weird 'cause it's a lot of pink, and I usually don't do pink.

Oh. I'm so happy! ^_^ I lost almost 10 pounds. <33
I'm just eating less and better(sorta to that). So 20 more to go, lol. And I'll be just fine.
:Brooke is a very self-conscious: XP
But I don't know if it's something wrong. It could be that... For the past few months my hair has been thinning, and I had the thickest hair ever. And I've also been sleeping A LOT. I mean, I always slept pretty long, but now it's like, I'll can go to bed around seven p.m., and wake up at 11 a.m. and still be tired. I need about 13 or so hours of sleep every night... >=/

Okay! Anyways... I'm going back to bed. XP
kk buh byess.

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

   Is It Safe?

And explanation of why I deleted my old site.

I was being stalked.
I didn't feel comfortable posting about stuff because my ex-boyfriend kept checking my site.
Every day he would come up to me and say, "Hey, why haven't you posted on MyOtaku? I check every day and you never post."
That's because you check it!
He got it from my MySpace, so i took it off of there.
But he got mad at me for posting about him that one day, about why I broke-up with him. And he's still obsessed with me. So I avoided MyO for a while hoping he would forget about it, but he didn't. So I gave up and just decided to make a new name. I missed not coming to MyO. =0
I know, stupid reason. But whatever .

The only bad thing about it is that I loose all my visits, guestbook entries, art, wallpapers, and greetings. But I can always re-post my submissions.
But please add me if you haven't yet.
And maybe now I can get back on track with MyO.
Kk, buh byess.

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