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Friday, March 17, 2006

   All of these clips are so freaki'n funny some may offend but still all are super freaki'n funny

Didn't have time to look at more I shall add more later!!

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   My old background code in case I wanna put it back


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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Yu-Gi-Oh G/X Opening

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   New Song I'm Working on - True Light (DNAngel)Piano

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The last two songs are kinda alike but they have different animes showing up so dont get mad at me for it.Well i'm sorry if any of you dislike it.
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   Athrun Zala

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   Dark has just stolen Beetohoven's finest piece

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To Neji Hyuuga many dedications

Please, out of the 7 AMV's select your favorite one and write it down on a comment I will exept pm's also.After about 2-4 weeks I will tally up the votes and tell you which clip won!!!The people that picked the winning clip I will write their names down on my site for all to see..........which of course will help you on your gb and popularity rankings!!!! All you need to do is pick the AMV that you think might win.

*pm's would probably be the best thing since you want to keep your vote a secret*

Domo Arigato Everyone!!!!!
Thanks Alot!!!!

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   A tribute to Naruto Uzumaki

I always have tributes to Itachi and Sasuke so I decided to find one for Naruto.I kinda feel sorry for him so this one goes out to Naruto Uzumaki the hyperactive knuckelheaded ninja in Konoha.=^-^=

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   Black Hole Sun - To My Friend Angie!!!!! (featuing Sasuke and Itachi)

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