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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

hey everyone! i think my comp has a virus on it cuz its just acting all virusee...anywho, i am soooooo tired from school today. it was so tough..>>ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........im a little teapot short and stout....i actually really like that song. it is cute and about tea! i also like ring around the rosie but its actually about a deadly desease that was in europe. (no offense to europeans)europeans are weird.........i mean
THATS A CHILDREN'S RYHME!!!! sickos! on another hand, i am just totally bored,and i feel im the only person in the world w/out a myspace. i dont really want one cuz everyone has one and im perfectly fine w/ wat i got rite now...*nods head to self*well, i gots to go!^^

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