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Friday, August 4, 2006

hey i just started school today...it was cornfuzzling! on the bright side tho, i let clifford the big red dog sign my head! WOO HOO!!anywho, hows you guys? i gots this new manga called tarot cafe. it real good. by the way, sry i havent posted in a while...i tend to do that alot...but everyone that is listening to this i thank you for not giving up on me!!!!!!!!^^ in my appreciation, i shall give you a plushie!*hands you a super duper hot riku plushie*

so...im sitting on my comp instead of calling my friends even when they said to...i just dont feel like it rite now. id rather be talking to you guys. I know someone whose dog died by jumping off a vet table and hitting the floor!T.T...so sad.anywho, i dunno wat else to say...i guess ill call my friend! one sec...

. . . . . .
wow! im multitasking! im talikng to my friend..this is how its going...

me: hey ya told me to call ya.
friend: ya...what the hell?!
me: wat?
friend: i just stepped on a rat!
me: 0.o wtf?!
friend: ewwwww!
me: im typing everything ya say on the internet,
so watch your language young lady! this is a g-rated phone!!
friend: ur the one that said fuck...
friend: GO ON BLOODY AHEAD!!just kiddin. hey ya wanna come over?
me: lol. ya i guess.
friend: see ya.
me: ya.*hangs up phone*

so i guess i gotta go to my friends so see ya around!^^

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