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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   i know...
sorry i havent been on in a while...i seem to do that alot. well, alot of things have been going on and not all of them r good. i havent seen my friend Miles since school let out...T.T i dont think i will either. on the plus side, i was in a play yesterday. It was snow white and the seven dwarfs. one of my friends and my little cousin came and thay liked it. well, i havent been able to buy manga in a while and sucks for me cause im going out of my mind cuz of it. im at my cousins house on her comp. her dogs are sick and had ear surgery.it soooo sad.anywho, ive been doing pretty good and i hope all of ya come see my site...you havent since i was gone for a while.


what was that about...you ask? i was just bored so i decided to...i think i can talk for a bit more so ill stil be typing...how are you guys? my buddy kirby's fine^^ (>'.')> well i gots to gos so sees yas^^*hugs*

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