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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

   omfg me so sorry TT
omg!! I cant believe its been sooooooo long since the last time i posted! well, im in new mexico visiting my cuz ry and hes reading over my shoulder as i speak...go away...anywho, hows all you guys out there. i have been involuntarily sucked into the wide world of myspace. yep. so thats my only excuse for this looooong absence. im using big words. neato!! ^^ so if any of you happen to even bother to check my site again, i apoligize. well i will sign off after i put a coolio pic on here. o! i might go ice skating today! i never went before. so im sooo excited!! ^^ where i live there arent any mountains but here there are soo many. 0.0 well im trying to figure out what this game is called. its when you start out as a kid and as you go along the stuff you do as a kid makes you evil or good when you turn into an adult. you can be a demon or an elf or something like that. well i think-o-my sis is in surgery over at my state. shes gotta take her tonsils out. i feel sorta bad that i wasnt over there but ill get over it. well i gotta go ry wants to get on the computer to watch videos most likely well see ya! ^~

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