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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   hey everybody!^^i gots to tell ya something.my friend,twisteddoll just started her site and i want ya to check it out!anywho, im in science again. by the way, my comp is totally crashed.i mean, we tried to get it on, and a puff of smoke came outta it. so sorry i cant get on that much....-_-...anywho, ill see ya around!^^
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Friday, September 15, 2006

   hey all you people!^^im in science again and i dunno what to do.-_-im tired and i dunno what to say..i guess this is a filler post.see ya!^^

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

   hey im in science rite now on the computer. i went to the battle of the bands last night and i stole a beanie, three buttons, and a wristband.they were pretty good and they signed my cellphone.i got a dollar!^^wee!!well, whats beeen up with you?

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

   i dont post alot, i know...
hey all you people! whats going on? im in my art class and i dunno what to do cuz im sooo fing bored so i got on the computer so yah. im done with my project so i wanna get on the computer so i did. you cant get on myspace so that sucks but you people are cooler than them!lol^^well i dunno what to talk about really so ill just talk.my freind april is beside me rite now and some kid i dont know...channel one is on and i dont care cuz its boring. open house is tonight and i wanna go cuz im cool like that lol. so im okay but the stuff that isnt okay i cant tell you so im sorry all the people that are left out...well sees yas!!^^

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

hey all you peoples out there!im really bored...on the plus side tho,i saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!^^j/k! anywho, this is the first day that i havent gotten pounded with homework! i feel free for a minute until i couldnt watch my invader zim dvd...wait my friend chad is fixing it for me!well, i gotta go to watch my dvd!^^sees yas!!!!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

hey everyone! i think my comp has a virus on it cuz its just acting all virusee...anywho, i am soooooo tired from school today. it was so tough..>>ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........im a little teapot short and stout....i actually really like that song. it is cute and about tea! i also like ring around the rosie but its actually about a deadly desease that was in europe. (no offense to europeans)europeans are weird.........i mean
THATS A CHILDREN'S RYHME!!!! sickos! on another hand, i am just totally bored,and i feel im the only person in the world w/out a myspace. i dont really want one cuz everyone has one and im perfectly fine w/ wat i got rite now...*nods head to self*well, i gots to go!^^

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Friday, August 4, 2006

hey i just started school today...it was cornfuzzling! on the bright side tho, i let clifford the big red dog sign my head! WOO HOO!!anywho, hows you guys? i gots this new manga called tarot cafe. it real good. by the way, sry i havent posted in a while...i tend to do that alot...but everyone that is listening to this i thank you for not giving up on me!!!!!!!!^^ in my appreciation, i shall give you a plushie!*hands you a super duper hot riku plushie*

so...im sitting on my comp instead of calling my friends even when they said to...i just dont feel like it rite now. id rather be talking to you guys. I know someone whose dog died by jumping off a vet table and hitting the floor!T.T...so sad.anywho, i dunno wat else to say...i guess ill call my friend! one sec...

. . . . . .
wow! im multitasking! im talikng to my friend..this is how its going...

me: hey ya told me to call ya.
friend: ya...what the hell?!
me: wat?
friend: i just stepped on a rat!
me: 0.o wtf?!
friend: ewwwww!
me: im typing everything ya say on the internet,
so watch your language young lady! this is a g-rated phone!!
friend: ur the one that said fuck...
friend: GO ON BLOODY AHEAD!!just kiddin. hey ya wanna come over?
me: lol. ya i guess.
friend: see ya.
me: ya.*hangs up phone*

so i guess i gotta go to my friends so see ya around!^^

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Monday, July 3, 2006

hey everybody! i am soooooo bored today! i dunno what to do...T.T after school ended, i couldnt get in touch with my friend A.J. and i miss talking to him. the same thing with Jeff. well, i am getting real ticked at my sis and my lil cousin cause the game theyre playing makes so much noise. im not allowed to answer the phone cause this guy thats obsessed w/ my cousin Sarah keeps calling. so im still bored. guess what? i can touch my nose w/ my toungue!

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

sorry Anime Maid
i gotta tell Anime Maid that i cant get on her page cuz i cant download activex on this comp. but she can technically be my freind if she wants to. sorry bout that.

just to show for my sorryness i shall give Anime Maid a cookie!^^

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   i know...
sorry i havent been on in a while...i seem to do that alot. well, alot of things have been going on and not all of them r good. i havent seen my friend Miles since school let out...T.T i dont think i will either. on the plus side, i was in a play yesterday. It was snow white and the seven dwarfs. one of my friends and my little cousin came and thay liked it. well, i havent been able to buy manga in a while and sucks for me cause im going out of my mind cuz of it. im at my cousins house on her comp. her dogs are sick and had ear surgery.it soooo sad.anywho, ive been doing pretty good and i hope all of ya come see my site...you havent since i was gone for a while.


what was that about...you ask? i was just bored so i decided to...i think i can talk for a bit more so ill stil be typing...how are you guys? my buddy kirby's fine^^ (>'.')> well i gots to gos so sees yas^^*hugs*

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