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Monday, August 22, 2005

This is a poem called moment Inuyasha
Inuyasha + Kagome moments

I wish to have a moment with you. I canít say why thatís why I called on you; I wait for the day that I can put a space in my heart just for you but the days last so long I got to say I just donít have time to. So you can say that I donít love you but some day I will I promise you but I will continue to wait on that day till I see the love that lingers in side. Thatís why I want this moment with you.

I made this poem because what Inuyasha has with kikyo is what has become to call past love moments and Kikyo wants to be more than that but with Kagome so wants to be by Inuyasha side but Inuyasha cant stop thinking about Kikyo so all that Kagome can have with Inuyasha is small moments

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