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Thursday, May 26, 2005

   part two because of that son-of-a-bitch
I found another poem that was an inuyasha fanfiction peom this one is when kikyou thought inuyasha broke there trust and she came back to life and tryed to kill him its called

Hated love
You confuse me so;can't you see the hurt you cause.
You say you love me,you say you will protect.
You know what is best,yet i can't help to pause.
I with it were true, but it sound too perfect
It figures it's not true, since once you gain my trust,you break my heart, you degrade and humiliate me.
That is why I am this way, I do what I must.
All this and yet I can't help to still love you.
Although this is not your typical unrequited love, for though I love you I am kept in the dark.
At moments you are kind and tender, when I least suspect, you act as if planned.
Causing my heart to bleed.
Oh, Hated Love, why do you treat me so?
Guess my happiness to you isn't important.
I wonder if you can see what you do to me....

why you sick bastered(o well i will fine some one else)

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