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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

   Torn Apart
Ok this is what my school days are like there are two guys that like me kind of and inuyasha problem uknow with kagome and kikyo well i like one but not the other the there is like a really good friend always been there for me u know and the other guy i like him too but he just wont tell me the truth about how he feels thats way i found this poem that i really like its from an inuyasha fanfiction its called

Torn Apart
Why is life so unfair?
To be forced to decide
Among the two whom i love?
cant you both see?
how it tears me inside
each time one leaves me,
each time one taunts me.
I cant decide we all know this,
Both are so alike and yet so not.
By sight they can easily be confused,
But,when you look at their eyes there is no mistaking them
One has a soul like the ocean, unpredictable and pure
The others like a raging fire, merciless and intense.
One lives for the thrill of adventure, the other for revenge.
Both are so alike, and so diverse.
How am I to choose?
Why must the fates be so cruel?
I feel to torn apart.
To live and bewith my best friend,
or to die and follow my first love?
I must becide, even thought it tears me inside.

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