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Friday, May 27, 2005

   off to a new year and new high school
Ok well i just found out what high school im going to well all i can say about it is that its the gayist school that u could go to i just dont want to go but im also movinging into a new house so if u dont see my updates that meens my computer is not up well im not doing much for the summer except im going to Florida YEAH! well i was born in florida but i moved to missiour i know wat a stupit idea (u know wat i want to start a poll to see how stupit that idea was so can everyone send me a private message to tell me if it was a stupit idea or not and i dont even care if you even say i was a dum ass to do such a gay thing like that because it was my moms idea see ya
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

   part two because of that son-of-a-bitch
I found another poem that was an inuyasha fanfiction peom this one is when kikyou thought inuyasha broke there trust and she came back to life and tryed to kill him its called

Hated love
You confuse me so;can't you see the hurt you cause.
You say you love me,you say you will protect.
You know what is best,yet i can't help to pause.
I with it were true, but it sound too perfect
It figures it's not true, since once you gain my trust,you break my heart, you degrade and humiliate me.
That is why I am this way, I do what I must.
All this and yet I can't help to still love you.
Although this is not your typical unrequited love, for though I love you I am kept in the dark.
At moments you are kind and tender, when I least suspect, you act as if planned.
Causing my heart to bleed.
Oh, Hated Love, why do you treat me so?
Guess my happiness to you isn't important.
I wonder if you can see what you do to me....

why you sick bastered(o well i will fine some one else)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

   That son- of-a -bitch
Hey i know it been a long time but summer is hear and im ready to make sum up dates well anyway i graudated well not high school the 8th grade and i was going to tell this guy that i like him but he was acting like a lotal jack ass(sorry about the lauguage just really pissed off) so i never told him and now i have unresuled issuse with him great now my life is even more messed up talk to yall later i need to cool off
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   Am i crazy
hey guys sorry i havent been here more offten but i just been really crazy with school and i just havent got the time but i only got one week of school left so i will be back on my sight soon.(and take over the world ha ha ha)
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Sunday, May 8, 2005

   its been a long time
hey well first of all sorry i havent really been at my site in a long time well i been having a lout of school and field trips like six Flags and school programs well school is almost over and i will try to be at my site more offten. c ya
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Sunday, May 1, 2005

   sorry its been awhile
YO Yo yall sorry i havent been back in awhile but school is almost over!(yeah)well u know how it gets i got a lout of makeup work and projects to finish. well over the summer ill be on it more often see yall later.
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Monday, April 25, 2005

   vollyball Humor
Hey man i just finished playing vollyball at my school most of the girls(and by most I meen all even me)suck ass at vollyball. My friend A.R was ready to surve the ball but she served it to low and she hit my other friend B.B in the head.(sorry but i refuse to us any of my friends full names in all my posts they might kill me)anyway we all were craking up it was so fucking hularius she was on the foor and cursing A.R out.
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Thursday, April 21, 2005

   im just so out of it
I played vollyball all day at school and im just so out of it u know just gone im doing the same thing tomrrow aaaaaaaahhhhh! i cant take it(but i do injoy the game) see ya later from koga's pack

Inuyasha all the way!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

   Torn Apart
Ok this is what my school days are like there are two guys that like me kind of and inuyasha problem uknow with kagome and kikyo well i like one but not the other the there is like a really good friend always been there for me u know and the other guy i like him too but he just wont tell me the truth about how he feels thats way i found this poem that i really like its from an inuyasha fanfiction its called

Torn Apart
Why is life so unfair?
To be forced to decide
Among the two whom i love?
cant you both see?
how it tears me inside
each time one leaves me,
each time one taunts me.
I cant decide we all know this,
Both are so alike and yet so not.
By sight they can easily be confused,
But,when you look at their eyes there is no mistaking them
One has a soul like the ocean, unpredictable and pure
The others like a raging fire, merciless and intense.
One lives for the thrill of adventure, the other for revenge.
Both are so alike, and so diverse.
How am I to choose?
Why must the fates be so cruel?
I feel to torn apart.
To live and bewith my best friend,
or to die and follow my first love?
I must becide, even thought it tears me inside.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   I dont own Inuyasha (i wish)
hey i just finished watching my new inuyasha movie u gotta love that dog but i wish his realationship with kagome could go a little further( if u know wat i meen) but kagome got to throw him a freaken bone here Inuyasha is kind of slow u know but i think he will get the idea in time that dog can catch up to speed some times

Inuyasha all the way!

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