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Monday, September 5, 2005

   Hey its been forever since i updated any her is a sory well its only the the prologue one and two of Inuyasha and Kagome but i will continue with the story its called Bus Stop Fairytale
Prologue One (Inuyasha past)

Fierce wind whipped the already stinging rain across his face. For a moment he wondered if it was nature's way of telling him not to go inside. The downpour that bordered on biblical proportions had begun last night. The night she had tried to kiss him. Shifting his weight from foot to foot, he let out a long sigh.

When this all started, everything has been so innocent. Her soft smiles and little endearing nicknames. The way she would lean in when she spoke to him. The way he began to trust her. She was the only person who had made an effort to speak to him since he had moved into this hellhole. Her apartment had become something of a sanctuary from his own, a place away from the suffocating depression of his mother. Yes, she was an angel in disguise.

Then...things had changed. She had changed, including the way she treated him. Her little nicknames took on a sexual connotation; instead of just leaning in to hear him, she would touch his face, his hand, play with his hair. These things coupled with the new provocative way she dressed had been more than confusing. Then there was the Kiss.

Or rather the attempted kiss. He had pulled away at the last second and ran. Ran like a little boy.

He had fled from what would have been his first kiss like the child he was.

'How disgusting.' he thought and wiped away some of the rain from his face. `how could she even stand to look at me?'


Her words that had floated on the air after him when he ran now echoed in his head:

"I'll still be here when you come back."

And he didn't doubt that she would. She would be waiting for him, ready to free him this sickening innocence, to make him a man. She would gladly take his virginity. She had said so herself. Right before she had leaned in.

Now all he had to do was walk up those stairs and through her door.

He was terrified.

But he took the first step and made his way into the building he had called home for the past six years. It took an eternity to reach her apartment, exactly one floor above the one he shared with his mother. Her front door was unlocked. He had expected as much. He walked silently and slowly to her bedroom door.

Before he could even reach to knock, she called to him.

"Don't knock...Come in."

He complied and stepped into the pitch black room. Suddenly a match flared in the darkness and he saw her.

She was already nude, and lying on her bed. She touched the match to the candle on her nightstand and the room took on some light. She looked up at him and laughed softly. Probably from the look on his face, from the fact that he looked like a drowned dog. Probably from the fact that she knew he would come back, and here he was.

"Inuyasha, you're soaking wet...take off those clothes and come here."


He could say her name perfectly in his mind. But when he tried to give voice to it, his breathing hitched and he chocked on the word.

"Don't be so scared, Inu. I won't hurt you."

`Keep the noise low [She doesn't want to blow it]

Shaking head to toe while your left hand does the "show me around"

Quickens your heartbeat

It beats me straight into the ground

"I-I know.." he finally whispered.

"Then come here."

You don't recover from a night like this

He walked to her bed and sat down. She didn't seem to mind that he was so wet. In fact she didn't seem to care for his clothes at all.

"Here, let me help you..."

A victim still lying in bed completely motionless

A hand moves in the dark to a zipper

Hear a boy bracing tight against sheets barely whisper

"This is so messed up"

He's wet from head to toe

And his eyes give her the up and the down

His stomach turns and he thinks of throwing up...

Before he knew what had happened, he was also nude and she had laid down behind him. Her arms snaked around his waist and she nuzzled her face against his back....

"I've been waiting for you, Inu."

But the body on the bed beckons forward

and he starts growing up

It was there again. The urge to run. The urge to fly down the flight of stairs and throw himself into his own bed, in his own room, in his own home, in his own world. Far away from worrying about how she would feel about him the next morning. About how his mother would feel when she found out her 16 year old son had slept with the 34 year old woman who lived above them.

More than twice his age.

Two more lifetimes than his.

A woman of pure experience and mature beauty.

And yet...why not? No one else even close to his age had ever wanted him like this. Not a single girl, not one bit of interest of even dating him. `Kikyo...'

But he couldn't get over the blood-chilling thought that she was just using him. That's what Miroku had told him. He seemed to be suspicious from the very beginning. And he had so far been quite accurate in predicting what would happen. Miroku seemed to know that Kikyo would try what she had. His most trusted friend had seen this coming. It was hard not to have doubts about her intentions.

She had never told him how she felt about him, if she felt any love for him. She had so far only given voice to her desires.

Her lips pressed against his neck brought him out of his frenzied thoughts.

`oh shit...'

The fever the focus

The reasons that I had to believe you weren't too hard to sell

Die young and save yourself

The tickle the taste of

It used to be the reason I breathed but now it's choking me up

Die young and save yourself

Then the candle went out.

She hits the lights, this doesn't seem quite fair

Despite everything he learned from his friends

He doesn't feel so prepared

She was suddenly in front of him and pushing him back down onto the bed

"Are you scared Inuyasha?" she whispered softly.

"Yes" he barely panted out.

She's breathing quiet and smooth, He is gasping for air

His heart felt like it was about to burst. He wasn't just scared-he was paralyzed with fear.

"This is the first and last time." he says

She fakes a smile and presses her hips into his

He keeps his hands pinned down at his sides

He's holding back from telling her exactly what it really feels like

He is the lamb, She is the slaughter

She was on top of him now. She slowly brought her lips down to meet his, then stopped at the last second and smiled. Her eyes flashed in amusement.

"Don't I excite you?"

Suddenly he felt her hand gripping his arousal. Or lack thereof. He wasn't even close to being turned on. This woman radiated lust and it was smothering him. He gasped as she slowly began to stroke him, trying her damnedest to make him want her.

She's moving way too fast and all he wanted was to hold her

Nothing that he tells her is really having an effect

He whispers that he loves her, but she's probably only looking for...

"D-do you love me, K-Kikyo?" He asked suddenly. She looked confused, but answered without hesitation.

"Sex isn't about love, Inuyasha. You'll learn that someday."

Alarms rang in his mind. That's not what she was supposed to say. Your first was supposed to love you...you were supposed to treasure your first time, it was supposed to be beautiful...not like this.

"Come on, Now! What the hell are you so afraid of? I'm just trying to make you grow up."

Anger had suddenly overtaken her. The look on her face said enough for him. Her words had explained everything.

He snapped.





Kikyo must have been very confused and more than pissed to find herself on the floor of her bedroom, alone in the dark. Her front door slammed and she winced at the force at which her walls shook.

And what a sight he must of been, running down the stairs, naked except for the soaking bundle of his clothes he held before him. And the smile on his face. Triumph. Success. Sure he had left that room a virgin, but he had more than definitely left a man.

Up the stairs, the station where the act becomes the art of growing up...

Finally he reached his apartment, and quietly walked inside. He made a beeline for the shower, turning the hot water up as much as he dared to. He needed to wash her off of him, off every part of him that she had seen and touched. Wash off her control and her manipulation and her sickening desire.

Wrapping a towel around his lower body he stepped out. The small bathroom was still full of steam, the mirror fogged so thoroughly, it might as well of been part of the wall. He wiped part of it clean and looked at his reflection.

He had never seen himself so clearly before. Gone were the black shadows his eyes had carried for as long as he could remember. The dark circles under them from lack of sleep were fading quickly. And he was smiling for the first time in days.

He wasn't weak for leaving. He was stronger than most could ever believe. He had saved himself from what could definitely be seen as rape.

"I win." he whispered.

A light knock on the door startled him from his thoughts.

"Inuyasha? Are you okay?" He walked to the door and quickly opened it. There was his mother, bedraggled and eyes rimmed with red. She had been crying , that was obvious. But she also had not slept more than an hour or so.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry I didn't come home last night."

"What happened....where did you go?" He could hear the fear in her voice.

"I stayed at Miroku's-"

"Why didn't Faye call me then?!" she exclaimed excitedly, tears springing back to her eyes.

"She didn't know I was there, Mom. Miroku didn't tell her."

"Oh....Inu....why did you leave? What's wrong, don't you want to talk about it?"

"Mom, nothings wrong anymore, I`m fine now. We'll talk tomorrow, but please go get some sleep, okay? You know you don't have to worry about me." Her face softened at his words, her eyes still intense.

"But you're all I have, you know that....I was afraid." She embraced him, burying her face in his chest.

"Well I'm home." He said softly and pulled her closer.

"Inu...did you take a shower?"

"Yeah... I got caught in the rain earlier and I wanted to get warmed up...you know..."

"What rain?"

He quickly glanced to the window across the hallway. Sure enough not a drop fell and the sky had cleared to a gorgeous dark blue. He couldn't remember ever seeing the stars so clearly before. He smiled as he stroked his mothers hair lovingly. `I'll be damned.'

"Well it was raining..."


"Yes mom?"

She pulled back to look into his eyes. They were haunted and darker than usual

"Come sleep in my room tonight please? I had a nightmare again."

There was no question that his absence had only made her chronic nightmares worse. He sighed softly and held her close again.

"Of course Mom...You know I'll always take care of you..."

Prologue tow(Kagome past)

I fell down the last few stairs and landed in a heap in front in of the door. In a split second I was back on my feet and jerking the door open. As I threw my body outside into the rain, I kicked off my remaining shoe. The damn thing had made me fall in the first place. I'm sure if I wasn't in such a hurry, I would have thrown it as far as I could.


Like a whip at the back of a horse, his scream drove me to run faster than I could have imagined possible. It was so loud, I could have sworn he was right in back of me. I reached the end of the driveway and my eyes scanned the street feverishly. It then dawned on me that I had indeed not driven here. He had brought me. I glanced down, suddenly noticing the biting pain in my hand. Upon opening it I burst into an even harder sob.

I wanted to fall to my knees and thank every god I knew and then some for this blessing. There in my right hand were his car keys, which I had been clutching so hard during the chase, that the dull edges had broken the skin. He screamed again and I placed it as coming from the top of the stairs.

'he's coming!'

That got me moving again. I dashed to his car and fumbled to get the now bloody key into the lock. I jumped in just as he reached the front door.

I could see his face and the anger radiating from his eyes were enough to let loose a new batch of tears and whimpers. If I didn't get away he was going to kill me. First he would rape me. Then he would rape me again. And maybe once more for good measure.

Then he would kill me.

I don't remember starting the car. I don't remember ever being that good at driving stick-shift. I do remember him chasing me half way down the street still screaming my name.

When I got to a stoplight at a good distance away, I broke. I screamed and thrashed and beat the steering wheel. I cursed his name, his family, the car I was in, the scent of his cologne which seemed to emanate from every inch of the interior.

I couldn't help it. I was still drunk. Even if I hadn't been intoxicated, I probably still would've freaked. If I had been sober though, I would have remembered to drive when the light turned green. I was too busy wishing him to hell. When I finally stopped yelling, I looked up and wondered why the light was still red.

I finally started to drive and stalled. I tried again with the same result.

A tap on the window drew a startled scream from me. Luckily instead of a very angry young man, I saw an older policeman observing me. I let out a sigh of relief and rolled down the window.

"Evening ma'am. Everything alright here?"

"No...nothing's alright. you have to help me, please!!" I chocked out between sobs.

"Tell me what's wrong so I can help you. Just stay calm ok, miss. You're safe now."

His words did calm me and I tried to gather my thoughts that were swimming through my head.

"He...He tried to-"

Suddenly his radio broke in and he listened intently.

"Just hang in here a second honey, I need to answer my radio and then we can help you out."

I nodded and meekly sank back into the seat as he walked back to his car. I watched his every move in the rear view and side mirrors. I immediately knew something was wrong. The way the concerned look on his face dropped. He took a long look over the car, concentrating on the license plate. He nodded and answered and showed no signs of hurrying back to comfort me. In fact he looked almost...annoyed.

`I have to run' I thought suddenly.

And the thought went around in my head like a chant. As quickly as he had appeared the first time, the officer was back at the window.

"Would you mind stepping out of the car, honey. We can talk a little better out here."

Even as the alarms went off in my head, I still complied. I leaned against the car, the pavement cold against my bare feet. He gave me the once over and I could only imagined how bad I looked.

"Have you been drinking tonight, miss?"

"Yes, but-"

"Do you have any ID on you?"

"No, I left it-"

"Are you of legal age to be drinking?"

"No, I just turned 18, but please let me-"

"Is this your car, miss?"

I froze. It was all clear to me what had happened. What that voice over the radio had told him. What HE had told them. That I had "assaulted" him because I was drunk. That I had freaked out and stole his car, too. That this was all my fault. That I was the one to blame.

"No. It's not and you know that don't you.?" I said in a low voice. Suddenly I didn't feel so fuzzy.

"Then may I ask why you are driving it when you have been drinking, illegally?"

"Don't patronize me. That fucker already got to you, already told you what happened. Why don't you just arrest me, or better yet," I began to yell, "Why don't you just take me back there! Just take me and throw me back in the wolf den, huh?! Let him have his way, because either way, you'll get paid! I know how this works!"

"Calm down, or I'll be forced to restrain you."

"No! I will not calm down! Not till I've had MY say! He was going to rape me!! You take me back there and he won't just stop there! HE'S GONNA KILL ME!!!" With that I thrust my fist into the driver side window. It shattered and it felt like my hand did too. But I was so angry that I could hardly feel it.

Before I knew it, he had me pinned against the car and was handcuffing me. I tuned him out as he began to inform me of my rights. Rights that deep inside I knew meant nothing , because no words or promises were going to save me.

I was in a lot of trouble.

"Kouga...how could you..." I whispered bitterly as my tears fell. As if on cue, thunder boomed and it began to rain.

**1 month later**

"Miss Higurashi,... Kagome....this can all be solved if you just sign here. You have to understand the consequences if you don't. You'll be tried as an adult, Kagome. You'll be convicted, that is sure. And then you'll go to prison for a year. Your future will be over before you can even begin. But," he smiled cockily, "if you chose to agree to our terms, all criminal charges will be dropped. Your record will be completely clean, and we can all just put this little incident behind us. And you can go to college and live a happy and successful life. You just sign and everything goes back to normal, Kagome."

I stared at him hatefully. Oh how I wished looks could kill. Of course they'd just charge me for that too. Too bad though. The world could do without one greasy lawyer. `Yes, especially this winner right here.' I thought bitterly.

Here I was, in a tastefully done art deco office being coerced to sign my soul to the devil. The whole "incident" as he so eloquently put it, had occurred a month ago today. My life everyday since then had been pure hell. After I was arrested that night, this fine specimen of humanity had crawled out from the slimy rock he'd been living under to shut me up and shut me up fast.

You see Kouga is the only son of the richest man in town. And in town, I mean the whole damn city. His real estate corporation had turned a once desolate decaying urban cesspool into a thriving metropolis. His father was not such a bad man, despite the fact that he wasn't much of a parent. And with Kouga's mother long gone, the boy had turned out to be nothing short of a monster.

Of course when I met him I had no idea.

When a handsome young man with more money that you can possibly imagine comes calling on the grand-daughter of the local shrine keeper, you don't wonder why. You slap a pretty smile on her face and shove her in his arms.

I was not one to argue with them, though. I had to admit, he was extremely charming. He fell in love with me within the first week, and proclaimed it far and wide across the land. I was seventeen, he was nineteen, and his father was already planning our wedding.

I for one could never figure out why he had any interest at all in me. I mean I don't have low self-esteem or anything, but...I'm really kinda plain. I'm nothing extraordinary compared to the hundreds of other girls around here.

About five months into the relationship, I began to understand who Kouga really was. And it was scary. When he got mad...

Well he never hit ME. It was usually just the wall next to my head.

But I didn't leave. I couldn't. You see, you just don't leave Kouga. Once he's kissed you, he owns you. And he lets you know that every single fucking moment you're with him.

I tried my best to change him, calm him down, but to little avail. Eventually I settled for simply making the best out of his good moods, and making myself scarce during the bad.

Then came the night of my eighteenth birthday. I couldn't believe how sweet he was that night. It was like we'd gone back in time, and he'd become the boyfriend I once believed I loved. He took me to dinner and then back to the bungalow his mother had bought him long ago. Then he got me nice and drunk on what he told me was some very fine wine. I should have been more suspicious. I should have been more cautious. I should have been fucking paranoid. Maybe then I wouldn't be in this mess.

Well, after he got me wonderfully blitzed, he started talking about how he wanted to make love to me. How he wanted to be my first and my only. How he wanted to make me scream in pleasure.

How he wanted to taste my blood and feel the softness of my flesh with his teeth. How he wanted to hear me scream in pain.

`oh shit...'

Needless to say, I got scared. Not just scared. I nearly fucking pissed myself. That's when he started kissing me and touching me and licking me. When I didn't respond, he got angry. He didn't aim for the wall this time.

I know I sat there in shock for the first two times he hit me. Then I countered with my own. And a good knee to the needle he was pressing against my thigh. Oh wait, that was his penis. I think...

I ran. And I ran. And I ran some more. I swear that house was huge and twisted like a maze. I was really just lost and scared and drunk for the first time in my life. Finally I spotted the stairs. I had already lost one shoe and the remaining one tripped me on the last few steps. I still have bruises from that fall.

That brings us back to the prick sitting across from me. After my arrest and the lawyer's much unwanted arrival, I was allowed to go home. But I was watched and stalked and harassed at every moment. They covered all their bases and I must admit they did a bang up job. They threatened to stop me from getting in to college, from ever getting a job, to remove the paws of my cat one by one. They even threatened to exhume my father's grave and have his corpse neatly placed in my mother's bed while she slept.

That`s when I snapped.

I called their grease ball lawyer and arranged this meeting.

Now here I am, like I said, being convinced to sign a contract. The terms of said contract? Simple.

I say nothing really happened, that it was all a misunderstanding, that Kouga and I broke up on amicable terms, because he's such a nice guy, but I'm not ready, etc....; In return, I get no mark whatsoever against me except the suspension on my license for two and a half years for "speeding", I go on with my life like I did before I met Kouga-and I give up every ounce of self-dignity my father ever instilled in me.

Seems like a fair trade, wouldn't you think?

"....because you're such a pretty girl and you have such potential Kagome, that-"

"Don't call me Kagome. We're not friends. Just give me the damn pen."

"Certainly." He smiled.

I signed my name on the very cliche dotted line.

"Now don't ever come near me again, you hear me? Because if you ever try to threaten me again, I will not hesitate to take you all down with me. The world is not limited to just this city."

Without a second look or another word, I pushed my chair away from the table and stood. I tossed my hair over my shoulder and stuck my nose in the air and walked out the door.

In sudden anger, I slammed it closed so hard, the frosted glass cracked.

I smiled as I heard his very audible gulp.

I walked home with that smile.

Then kissed my mother's cheek and nodded reassuringly to her with that smile.

Then I walked up to my bedroom and dropped to my knees on the floor.

I didn't cry this time.

But I certainly wasn't still smiling.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

These are pictures of the next new episode of Inuyasha

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Artist: Bow Wow (f/ Omarion)
Song: Let Me Hold You


I been watchin you for a minute,
Gir ur so sweet scented,
Your life girl u need me in it,
Im determined to win it,
I know what u need,
I know whats wrong,
I know how to make it tight,
Everything will be alright if u
And introduce u to my world,
Introduce u to the better side of life,
That u aint been seein girl,
Ima show u where its at,
And Ima show u how to get it,
All u gotta do is be wit it and,
Down like a real man supposed to,
Whenever wanna approach you,
Lyin aint have intentions on doin good,
The dudes u wit is so fool,
To me girl ur so cool,
And all Im askin you to do is,
Down like a best friend,
Homeyes in the game,
When u cry, I wanna feel ur pain,
No secrets, No games
All excitement, nothin waits,
Keep u happy, thats my aim
all u gotta do is,

In my arms, on my mind, all the time, I wanna,
Keep u right, to my side, til i die,Im gonna,
Hold u down, make sure everything is right wit u, u could never go wrong, IF U LET ME HOLD U,
Down like a real man supposed to, Im tryn show u life of somebody like u should be livin,
Oh baby, baby, u could never go wrong if u,

Ima keep u up on whats poppin,
And shakin fresh to def,
Hit the mall, We could ball,
til theres no more left,
I know u aint used to it,
But u can get used to it,
Cuz the only way ima do it is,
All the homeyes think im trippin, cuz i got u a pad,
See they just mad cuz they aint get u, they aint get u,
Scorpio its your sign,
Girl ur so fine,
And ill do whatever its ur time,
No shine,
Its what ur comin wit,
but ima change all that,
Rearrange that,
Put u in the range all black,
Wit the rims to match,
chrome attatched,
tvs in the back,
How u gon say no to that ma,
?? look at me like man here u go,
Really bout to blow some dough,
Aint no ?? nout to ride you so ??,
Ima be, this was meant to be,
I just gotta work at it,
Like a crack addict,
In rehab

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

   I was watching a commercial about them making an lion King 3 for real not 1,2 or 1/2 but 3 but its a cross over with the Inuyasha gang in it hers a pictures from the movie

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Well some say that Inuyasha is a grown up brat that is spoild,stupit,and mean well its not his falt sesshoumaru made him that way!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Monday, August 22, 2005

This is a poem called moment Inuyasha
Inuyasha + Kagome moments

I wish to have a moment with you. I canít say why thatís why I called on you; I wait for the day that I can put a space in my heart just for you but the days last so long I got to say I just donít have time to. So you can say that I donít love you but some day I will I promise you but I will continue to wait on that day till I see the love that lingers in side. Thatís why I want this moment with you.

I made this poem because what Inuyasha has with kikyo is what has become to call past love moments and Kikyo wants to be more than that but with Kagome so wants to be by Inuyasha side but Inuyasha cant stop thinking about Kikyo so all that Kagome can have with Inuyasha is small moments

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Friday, August 19, 2005


action='http://memegen.net/viewmeme.pl?meme=1074845632' method='POST'>

What Sohma Boy Will You Have Hot Sex Of The Century With?(Fruits Basket)(Has Pics) by silentteen
Eastern sign
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Did he like itYes
Will he do it againHell ya
What he thinksMore
Quiz created with MemeGen!


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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is a picture of miroku and sesshomaruo when they went to Disney world together with my friend EreiShiva, she took the picture. this is there post card that they sind me (I really dont know how my friend made sesshy smile she must of threaten him she can be really mean when she needs to (:

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Monday, August 15, 2005

   Sesshomaru only trying to help
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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