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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I'm back, you lucky people! Did you miss me? ^_^

Yoh: I'm glad you're back! ^_^

Me: ^_^ Sorry I don't have the next chapter! I'm brain-dead after flying on two different planes. ^_^'

Zeo: No kidding. I've had enough flying metal sauseages(tis' what I call airplanes sometimes) for a few months.

Me: Yeah, Zeo went with me! ^^

Momiji: Allie-chan, didn't you get some new manga books why you were there?

Me: Yep, sure did, Momiji-chan! I got Fruits Basket Vol. 1-4 & Shaman King Vol. 5.

Zeo: And she's read through all of them already. She also got Beyblade the Movie!

Me: Yay! It was awesome! But, it would have been a tiny bit better if there was some Zeo in it! ^^

Yuki: She reads through manga pretty quickly.

Tohru: Yep, she sure does.

Me: Well, I hope you like my new Fruits Basket theme! ^^ Next theme will be Beyblade! ^-^ Well, see ya!

Momiji, Tohru, Yoh, Yuki, & Zeo: Bye guys!

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