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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Here's Chapter 7!


Chapter 7: Confession Time

“What is it Zeo? What do need to tell me?” Allison asked. Zeo took her hands and gulped. “I’m…I’m…” he stuttered. “What? You’re what?” Allison asked, looking at him confused. He moved towards her ear.

“I’m not really human.” He whispered. Allison gasped. “You’re not?” “No, I’m really an android.” Zeo replied, starting to cry. Then he pushed past her and ran out of his room. Zeo ran past the room Tyson, Ray, Max, Kenny, Kai, & Hilary were in, sobbing. He then ran out of the house.

Allison came down stairs looking shocked. “He told you, didn’t he?” Tyson asked her. Allison nodded. “But, why is he the one crying?” she asked. “It’s because he was afraid to tell you and he thought you wouldn’t like him anymore.” Kai answered. “And that’s probably what he’s thinking right now.” Ray added.

“Oh. Poor Zeo.” Allison said. “I think you should go talk to him.” Tyson and Hilary said at the same time. Allison nodded and walked out of the house. At first, all she could hear was birds chirping.

Then, she heard the sound of sobbing. Allison walked towards the sound and found Zeo sitting under a shady tree with his knees pulled up to his chest. He was crying quite a bit. Allison sat down next to him and put her hand on his shoulder. Zeo jumped slightly. He then turned his head to look at her.

“What do you want? I thought you wouldn’t like me anymore if I told you my secret.” Zeo said, tears running down his cheeks. Allison reached over and brushed his tears away. “Then, you thought wrong. I don’t see the BladeBrakers disliking you for being an android. I like you for who you are.” She said. “Really?” he asked. She nodded and leaned towards him. Before Zeo realized it, Allison kissed him on the lips.

At first Zeo didn’t know how to react, but then he started kissing her back. After a few minutes, they broke their kiss. When they looked in front of them, Tyson and the others were looking at them. “See, Zeo? I told you Allison would like you for who you are.” Tyson said. “Yeah, you were right Tyson.” Zeo replied.


There's Chapter 7! I made it extra good since I'm leaving tomorrow!

Zeo: She's going to visit her grandma during sprind break.

Me: So I'll update again on March 29. I'll also change my site theme then. But first, I have a hilarious picture to show you guys!

Yes, that is Hao Askaura! XD See ya!

Zeo: Bye!

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