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Friday, March 18, 2005

Here's Chapter 6!


Chapter 6: Zeo’s House

Tyson and the gang walked up the sidewalk towards the house Dizzi had led them to. “Whoa! This house is huge!” Tyson exclaimed. “Dizzi, are you sure this is where Zeo lives?” Max asked. “I’m positive!” Dizzi replied. While the boys were making sure Dizzi was positive about the place she had led them to, Allison and Hilary looked around.

They glanced up at one of the balconies and saw Zeo sitting up there with his back turned towards them, not knowing they were there. “Hey boys. Dizzi’s right. This is Zeo’s house.” Hilary said. The boys looked at her confused. “How do you know?” they asked in unison. Hilary and Allison sighed and pointed to the balcony behind them. The boys gasped. They were right.

“Allison, call up to him. You’ve got a loud voice.” Tyson said. “What’s the supposed to mean?” she asked, looking annoyed. “Just do it, Allison.” Ray pleaded. Allison rolled her eyes and turned towards the house. “Hey Zeo! Over here!” she shouted.

Zeo nearly jumped out of the chair he was sitting in because he was so startled. He turned around and saw Allison, Hilary, Kai, Kenny, Max, Ray, and Tyson standing in his lawn. “I’ll be down in a second!” he called.

A few minutes later, Zeo was running down the sidewalk to them. “How’d you guys find me? I never told you where I lived.” Zeo said. “You can thank Kenny and Dizzi for that.” Kai replied. “Well, come on in.” Zeo said, leading them in. Max whispered in Zeo’s ear, “Now is a good time to tell Allison.” Zeo nodded and gulped. “Allison, can you come with me real quick?” he asked her. “Um, ok, Zeo.” She said and he led her away from the others. “You can do this, Zeo.” The others whispered.

Zeo took Allison in to his room and closed the door. “Allison, there’s something important I need to tell you.”


Mwahaha! Cliff hangar! >:3

Trunks, Pan, Goku, & Goten: ^_^'

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