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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Here's Chapter 5!


Chapter 5: Where’s Zeo?

Allison & Tyson arrived in the park and found everyone there except Zeo. “Hey, guys, where’s Zeo?” Tyson asked. “We don’t know. He hasn’t shown up yet.” Max said. “Do you guys know where he lives or what his phone number is?” Allison asked them. Everyone shook his or her head no. “He never told us.” Kai replied. Then, Ray got an idea. He bent down to Kenny.

“Kenny, you know how Zeo’s Bit Beast is from that rock?” Ray whispered. “Um, yeah. What about it?” Kenny whispered back. “Well, can’t we use your Bit Beast tracker to find him?” Ray asked. Kenny nodded. “Good idea, Ray.” He said turning to his computer. “Think you can do it, Dizzi?” Kenny asked his laptop. “Of course! It’ll be easier than getting rid of viruses!” Dizzi replied.

Ray ran over to others & told them about what Kenny was doing. “Great idea, Ray.” Tyson said. Allison looked confused. “What do you mean Zeo’s Bit Beast is from a rock? I thought he didn’t have a Bit Beast. And are you talking about the rock that was stolen from Max’s mom?” she asked. “Yeah, it’s that rock. And it would take forever to explain about Zeo having a Bit Beast.” Kai said. “I see.” Allison replied.

“I found him!” Kenny exclaimed. Everyone ran over and saw that Kenny & Dizzi were able to locate Zeo. “All right, Kenny and Dizzi!” Allison and Max cheered. “Ah, it was nothing.” Dizzi replied while Kenny smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

“Come on! Let’s go get Zeo!” Tyson and Ray said. Everyone nodded and left.


Hope you liked it!

Zeo: mimikay91 gave Allison a great idea yesterday!

Me: Yeah, I'm going to count down how many days left until Beyblade the movie comes out!

Zeo: See ya!


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