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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Here's Chapter 4! ^o^


Chapter 4: Next Day

Tyson woke up in his room & walked into the kendo room where Allison was sleeping. She was wearing pajamas similar to Tyson’s, but they were blue instead of green. “Good, she’s still asleep.” He said quietly. Ray had told Tyson to make sure Kenny didn’t show Allison the footage from the tournament because it would easily blow Zeo’s secret.

Tyson walked over to the phone and dialed Kenny’s phone number. “Hello? Kenny speaking.” Kenny said on the other end. “Hey, Chief. It’s Tyson. Listen, I’ve got a favor to ask.” Tyson replied. “Yeah, what is it?” Kenny asked. “Whatever you do, don’t show Allison the footage from the tournament.” Tyson said. “Why? Oh, because it could easily blow Zeo’s secret?” Kenny replied. “Exactly. So don’t do it.” Tyson said. “Got it. See ya!” Kenny said, then he hung up.

Tyson also hung up. When he turned around, he saw Allison sitting up on her mat. “Um, did you hear any of my phone conversation?” Tyson asked. She shook her head. “Nope.” She replied. Tyson sighed in relief. “Hurry up and get dressed. We’re meeting the others at the park.” Tyson said, heading back to his room to change. Allison grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom to change. When they were done Tyson & Allison met back up in the kendo room, put on their hats, & left Tyson’s house.


Hope you liked it.

Yoh: Yep! Zeo, got anything to say?

Zeo: It was great.

Me: I can't wait for March 22! Beyblade the movie comes out! Yay!

Yoh & Zeo: See ya!

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