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Monday, March 14, 2005

Here's Chapter 3!


Chapter 3: Sodas

After dropping Allison’s things off at Tyson’s house, the gang headed for the nearest soda parlor. Once they got their sodas, they all sat sown at a table and began to talk. “So, how have you guys been?” Allison asked. “Just fine. Tyson won the World Championship Tournament.” Ray said. “Yeah! I’m still the reigning champ!” Tyson boasted. Everyone laughed. Allison turned to Zeo. “So, Zeo, I heard you participated in the tournament, too.”

Zeo looked at her and blushed. “Yeah. Did you watch the tournament on the television?” Zeo asked. “No, I wasn’t able to.” Allison replied, sighing. Zeo sighed in relief. At least she didn’t know his secret already. “That’s ok! We understand!” Max said, smiling. Allison smiled back. “I’ve got an idea. How about we go to the park after we finish our sodas and have a Beyblade match?” Kai asked. “Sounds good.” Everyone said together.

Later at the park, everyone was having his or her own bey-battles. Zeo was sitting off to the side. Ray walked over to him and sat down. “You know you can’t hide your secret from Allison. Especially, if she watches the footage Kenny got of the tournament.” Ray said. Zeo gasped. “Oh man! I didn’t think of that!” Zeo panicked. “Don’t worry man. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.” Ray assured. “I hope your right, Ray.” Zeo replied.


There you go! Chapter 3! Now I have a question for you guys. Should I have Zeo tell Allison is secret really soon or not? Please let me know. See ya!

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