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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Well, nothing much happened yesterday. I watched Megaman NT Warrior, played Megaman Axess Air, & submitted the colored version of my Chibi Yoh picture.

Yoh: Allison, weren't you saying earlier you had a new idea for a story?

Me: Oh, that's right!

Lan: So, why not post the summary of it?

Me: Good idea Lan! Just to let you all know, it's a Beyblade story. Here's the summary:

Zeo Zagart has been feeling upset about being an android. His friends have tried to cheer him up but haven't been succesful. But, is there one of his friends who can pull him out of his misery? ZeoOC

Zeo: Sounds good!

Ren: Of course it does to you, it's mainly about you.

Me: Ren, shouldn't you be with cardcaptorryoko?

Ed(FMA): Haha! Ren's in trouble!

Me: You too, Edward.

Ren: C'mon, you fullmetal shrimp! *heads towards CCR's site*

Ed: WHO'RE YOU CALLING A SHRIMP?! *follows after Ren*

Yoh: But you're story idea sounds really good, Allison.

Me: Thanks, Yoh-kun & Zeo-kun! *kisses them both on the cheek*

Zeo & Yoh: *cheeks turn pink*

Lan: Well, here's a pic of Yoh & a pic of Zeo. See ya!

Me, Yoh, & Zeo: Bye!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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