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Wednesday, May 4, 2005


Yo people once again i have noting to say!! ... well i hope everyone has a good day, and i still didn't get my action figures!!! *cries* its not far!! its almost been 2 weeks!!!!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005


Hay people waz up!! othign interesting to say here.....i am really bored, i dont know what to do!! well talk to you all later i gess!! o man, another 35 pms to go through v_v

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Monday, May 2, 2005

   action figures...

HI guys!! My dad took me to Borders yesterday (sunday) and i got a inuyasha demon box set ^^ It holds InuYasha demon form action figure, and volume 19 manga! Only 27 dollars!! I went online and they have ones $40 and more! ^^ lucky me, and they only had one other. MAN I NOW KNOW WHERE TO GET ME MANGA!! AT BORDERS!! ^^ they had TONS of manga, i saw fruit baskets, and i was stupid and got inuyasha!! o well next time i will get that. Ok its been way to long, and i want my inuyasha and sesshomaru action figures!!! Well answer these for me ok:

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Sunday, May 1, 2005


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   inuyasha the hamster!!

Hay people still at my grams... leaving soon, i really hope when i get home my action figures at thare!! i waited over a week!! and i want to go to borders (book store) because my brother went with my mom and he said they had full demon inuyasha there!! i cannt get that in my magazine... i.. must... bug the heck... out of my mom to get it!!! i WANT IT!!! AAAAAHHH!!! I WILL GET IT!!

adopt your own virtual pet!

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

   blah blah blah blah!

Yo people! i am at my grandparents house for the weekend, and i have 42 pms!! thats sooooo much! I was at my aunts house, and my brother went to borders (book store) and he said he say inuyasha action figures like human and demon inuyasha for only $10! of course i dont really know, he lies alot... but i asked me mom if she could take me thare, but i dont know... i have $20 so if i can go, i hope to buy 2 action figures. and i am getting half demon inuyasha and sesshomaru action figures, they should be getting to my house SOMETIME!! i cannt wait! ^^ Well, i have to go, i am wating inuyasha on dvd (the toad that would be prince) ^^ well i betting be watching that, AND answer all me 42 pms.... V_V Well later everyone!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   inu game...

Hay people i havn't posted in a while, sorry about that! man, i beat inuyasha the game, so i started to play again 4 days ago and i finished it again XD but i was a much higher level, 32! ^^ well if you need help with the game (ps2 one) pm me ok! ^^ wow i am bored... and i need to answer all my 35 pms!!! i have so many!! *pouts* well later all!!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

   here inuyashawarrior

if the movie pause thats normal... you can wait.. or push play, but its better to wait... it gets anoying i know! sorry if this happens.

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   last nights fma

hya people!! i am bored and school is tomorrow!! thats not cool!! did anyone watch fma last night the end was so funny!! i think it was like this:
Ed: remember when we used to fight all the time!
Al: yeah like how would sleep on the top bunk!
Ed: yeah i never won that!
Al: and we fought how would play with what toy!
Ed: yeah i never won that either!
Al: and for candy too!
Ed: hay!!! i never won anything!!
XD!!!! thats so funny!!!! i loved that part!! ^^ well later everyone and i hope everyone dosn't die at school! because i might... darn school!! i want to distroy every school in the world!!
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Saturday, April 23, 2005

   more of my rambling!

Hay people, whats up!! its saterday, i am still bored!! i have nothing to do, but answer all 36 pms i have V_V thats alot... ^^ i feel specail!! yay special me!! not really but i am just typing stuff.... well i hope everyone has a really good weekend!! because school is in 2 days... V_V not cool... well i only have 27 more school days left!! and half of them were going places and stuff... well later and peace out everyone!!!

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