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Thursday, June 29, 2006

   It's So Hard To Say Good-Bye

Since some people are too lazy to click a link, but aren't too lazy to type it out, (I'm not saying any names...) I'll just re-post what I wrote on my other site. ^-^

Yesterday was my last day of school. I was dreading the fact that at dismissal, I would be saying good-bye to so many great friends. But we al promised to keep it touch. I think my Math Teacher was right. No matter how nice it sounds, we most likely won't. But you never know until you try. ^^

Once I got home, I fell asleep. I felt exhausted for some reason. I slept for about five hours. ^^' I must've been more tired than I thought. I stayed up until 3:30am after that. And I found I really nice fanfic. It's about Kagome's life after Inuyasha and the others died while fighting Naraku. Click here to read it. Well, that's all for now. I'm going to continue reading. Laterz!! ^-^v

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