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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   Finally Updating

Theme: Anime Girls
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Time of Post: 2:43pm

*dusts off her site* I haven't posted in almost a month. ^-^' Sorry about that. School has kept me really busy. And to think High School is no where near all this work I have. *sighs* Spaking of high school, the one I'm going to isn't gonna have any of my friends from my junior high. Except for Shinsetsu. I'm gonna miss them a lot... But on the bright side, five people from my elementary school are going too. Thankfuly they're all people I can tolerate. I'm glad I'll have some friends there with me. ^-^
Two weeks ago, I got Kingdom Hearts II!!! I'm addicted to it. I can't put it down. I think its gotten a little more difficult than the first one. That's why I love it too. And while playing, it seems that I have become a Sora FanGirl. ^-^ He's just so cool. Well, I have to go. My mother's friend wants me to fix her iPod for her. She wants to use the iTunes on my computer. Apparently, she has no idea how to operate a computer. She can't even find the Power button. ^-^' Laterz!!!

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