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Sunday, March 19, 2006

   New Theme

Theme: Anime Girl
Currently Listening To: Come by Namie Amuro
Time of Post: 5:38pm

How do you guys like my new theme? I was visiting my site and all of the sudden, the pink started getting to me. So I changed it. I like it.
Did anyone see Full Metal Alchemist last night? It was a great episode, but I didn't like the ending. Ed got seperated from everyone. That sucked. But what can I say... I guess I'll just have to see the movie to find out what happens. *shrugs*
MyO added a new link called portfolio. That's cool. Yesterday, I thought my stuff disappeared. ^-^' I barely have stuff on it, though. I'll see if I make some more wallpapers and greetings later. Well, I've got homework to finish. But before I go, can you guys tell me if the mp3 of FOur Seasons is working correctly? My computer won't let me use it. BTW, I finally got a wolf!! Laterz!!! ^-^

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